The final weeks of arcane odyssey are upon us

the level cap has officially been raised to 120 and awakenings are literally a day away


Vet will probably finish the story first and we still have lost spells and dark sea to wait for as well as any other optimizations
But yea we are incredibly close, closer and brighter than any other time

So early February most likely?

still mid to late

Mid February
Dark seas will still be awhile

I forgot how short February was I meant mid

i’m going to Mexico in late february

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still betting on late february

I hope middle february so I can play before my trip.

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I hope mid because earlier is better and right now I have all the time in the world.
I want to savor it before I get a job and have to learn how to drive.

It’ll be before April 18th

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I’m betting 2046

April 17th 2023

unless vetex learns how to evade taxes

what if it releases on valentines day

what if it what if it what if it whats?

Maybe instead of adding dodging to your game you dodge some taxes

iris valentines update inbound