The Five Worlds Chapter 1: The Payment

This comes first, but you don’t have to read them in order.
Anyways now for the story

The door to a small inn swung open, ringing the bell which sounded earlier in the night air, as a hooded figure entered. She chose a table seemingly at random and sat down to wait. After a moment, a man stood up and walked over to her table sitting down across from her.

“Is it done?” inquired the man.

“Yes. Why did he have to die?” responded the figure.

“If you must know, he holds key political power and needed to be eradicated.” answered the man.

“You humans and your politics,” sighed the figure, “Where’s my money?”

Sighing, the man placed the bag on the table and slid it across to her, “Will this be sufficient?” as she began sorting through the money in the bag the man spoke again, “You know most of the people in this inn would kill you if they knew what you were, Owl.”

Looking up, Owl responded in kind, “Maybe, Anyways all my money is here so I’ll be dipping,” spoke Owl standing up, “Oh, and my real name isn’t Owl.”

Before she was able to get very far a voice echoed behind her, “Remember, I know what you are.”

Stopping the hooded figure turned around, “Yes, that should be enough reason for you to want to avoid me.” Turning back around she exited through the inn’s door and ran off into the night. After a moment the man went back to the table he was sitting at before where a man with scars was now sitting.

“That girl is the one I need you to track,”

“Jack isn’t that the famous assassin known as ‘The Night Blade’?” inquired the man.

“Will that be a problem for the famous knight Alexander?” responded Jack with a hint of sarcasm.

Alexander looked Jack dead in the eyes, “If things turn south and we have to fight, I will kill her, you understand?”

“That would be preferred but I’m paying you for her hideout so we can infiltrate her home and kill ‘The Night Blade’.”

“As long as it pays well I’ll do it,” sighed Alexander, beginning to stand up.

“Oh, and while you’re at it, kill anyone she works with!” yelled Jack towards Alexander. This incited the two other people in the Inn to look over and quickly pretend they heard nothing when they saw Alexander. Alexander left through the inn’s door to begin his hunt for 'The Night Blade. Jack watched him leave drinking the final draughts of his wine glass. I have a feeling this is the last time I’ll be seeing Alexander , Jack thoughtfully perceived.

The Payment: part 2