The Flare guild

Guild Name: Flare
Guild Status: Dark
Guild Owner: PoopedUpPig or Flare


Flare was once a proud clan until it was destroyed by a unknown clan, loosing every member of the clan while I was still alive, I became the leader of the Flare clan, where a dark clan because our magic is beyond other magics, I;m the only member left alive, you must join the dark Clan and show whos the true darkness of the world.


roblox: ???
(you don’t need to provide this information, its just here if you had a guild server or etc)

Do you know who the unknown clan was that destroyed The Flare Guild? If you ever find out they should become your arch nemesis

Ancient times when unknown clans have that one feeling of when its just all a lie, you think reality of flames are true while its not, created by magic.
Dead on the scale. The clan is a story of how it was destroyed by an enemy of the unknowns, non must thing about the time the clan was destroyed. (story) Flare was just a guild that hold riches under the command of Dominic, a acid and light user, he traveled the seas with the clan after going across a unknown clan, Flare called it the unknown clan because the people where just black voided, as if they had some type of void power, The members perished as the unknown clan fed them off one by one. The leader died and the rest of the crew, but One person didn’t, Veronica Gates, She is me, I held the fire magic because I had a connection with flames, and I planned to hope to mutate that fire magic to flare.

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Wow. And you are the only member left of this guild? That is crazy. I hope some people see this so you get some new recruits and you can tell them about the Flare Guild (I’m already in a guild)j. I am sure you wouuld LOVE to have flare magic. It is a lost magic

Its just a story :confused: not really real lol but its interesting to believe that it really happened, My magics are mostly fire.

Lets just say the clan was destroyed before the age of durza

ɘƨiɿ lliw ɘɿɒlʇ ɘʜɈ ʇo bnɘϱɘ⅃ ɘʜT

bɘϱnɒʜɔ Ɉƨυį ɘvɒʜ ƨɘlυɿ ɘʜɈ llɘw ,ƨɘlυɿ ɘɿɘʜɈ γd γɒlq oɈ ƨυ bɘʞƨɒ ƨɒʜ ɔiϱɒM

No, I’m actually the last member left alive.

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Impossible, we faced a unknown clan of shadow

Nope, shadows actually can’t hurt people. That’s why shadow magic is so bad

When the people of shadow magic do have mutations of other dark mutations, there shadow magic wasn’t like the weak one.

the rose colored light killed the shadow :fr:

thats why we guard the rose colored light

There shadow is much more dense … its 126x the normal shadows

If you think about it though, light actually creates shadows. So it doesn’t kill anything, just make more

we pog the shadows with light

When you have a magic equinox, a powerful mutation

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