The following feature broke for me

Last I checked I was following just under 2.4k, not 13,134…

I Think I Broke It

On top of that, I don’t appear to be actually following that many since most look like this –

2021-09-15 (9)

Additionally I can’t change people’s following level.
It just doesn’t register that I changed it.

Btw I think this happened after I upgraded several people’s status from regular to following (all) and then clicked refresh page for the changes to register.
I didn’t check how many I was following beforehand so I can’t 100% confirm it.


youre just ripoff rosie

how dare you, you will never achieve my level though :sleeper:

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Welcome to my family of broken following though

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Tis is just a glitch sensei!
I swear that I will achieve your level properly one day!

I’m also at a point where I can no longer turn back, it’s become a curse a good curse

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skill issue

@Meta help

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ping vetex it might fix your issue

Yeah my following page won’t load anymore aswell now lol.
At least it loaded when it was still at 2.3k, granted it took a bit.

:eyes: :thinking: :sweat: :-1:

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you’re Rosie’s bootleg lmao

Why ya gotta rub salt in the wound in my heart like that?



headless is the website dev.

mom eruoy

Maybe when a person follows a certain amount of people the system just automatically makes them follow everyone?

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F in chat

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That’s what I wondered at first, but after looking around for a bit, I don’t appear to be actually following that many, since their status is still regular only.