The Forum Hunger Games

Totally not copying this idea and anyone who says otherwise will be the first ones to go in the Hunger Games.

Here is the link to it, if you want to do your own simulation or want to make tweaks to it:

This is who the roster includes:

This roster has people who have been active TODAY and are put into districts that have some consistency to it or are part of specific group. Sorry if I get anyone’s pronouns wrong, I tried to guess correctly and also I’m on the basis that the majority of people on this forum are men.



second fucking time i died by rake huh you think this is funny huh you clown honkhonk


To be honest District 8 is kinda a super team. That means if I bet I’m more likely to get more bobux :3

The forum’s people would revolt against them as they rightfully should

watch me win 3 times in a row

in my post you already won once not sure if I posted it tho

the one thing that makes the soul happy is death
Captura de Tela (892)

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I hope you explode like Dr. Hiriluk did

This time, I can make it certain

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Captura de Tela (894)

yea keep walkin, you didn’t see nothing



im replying too much so whenever i see something mildly interesting ill just edit it into this reply
Captura de Tela (896)
Captura de Tela (898)
Captura de Tela (900)
Captura de Tela (902)
Captura de Tela (904)

Captura de Tela (916)
Captura de Tela (918)
Captura de Tela (920)
Captura de Tela (922)


@JUMBO jesus christ dude relax

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tree finds a picture of his friends and family a day before he’s killed :frcryin:

in game me you suck

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I’m gonna die in the dumbest way despite being voted most likely to win the HG of my grade kekek