The forum is lost

how very melancholic, the forum has been lost, its all going downhill

this is so sad

i would be sad but im not

everyone has truly become a plastic shartcane shartyssey fan :confused:

indeed :pensive:

this is so sad guys, can we get 20 likes on this post?

headless needs to add the ability to dislike posts

yes so i can test my new dislike farming strategy

Step 1: Post in guilds.
Step 2: Profit


We’re fiddling with our fingers until AO drops

ok boat boy

Can I fiddle with your fingers :point_right: :point_left:

you are a candian femboy you can fiddle with your skirt

How does being Canadian factor into this

youre all femboys or furries

fiddle this you casuals

ok canadian femboy furry

it is 2012 i see

the world ended in 2012, we’ve just been living in a fever dream ever since