The Future of Metamancing

Wind + Ice + Water

Casting Speed Build

at least that’s what I am going for


Real question time.
Why do people start off with the lowest damaging magic for their metamancing builds?

If second/third minds are weaker than your first mind like they were in AA, then the real metamancing combo would be:
Metal + wind + ice unless you really want wind as your first magic for the status clears.

Same here

watch someone make a tierlist for all 400 2nd magic combinations

They aren’t, they’re equal damage in AO (Their damage doesn’t change)

oh in that case then yea go for the clears as your first magic, choosing something that has no clears as a first magic would be incredibly stupid, actually.

Not if we still get some form of awakened

We don’t really know about the damage so might as well pick something that clears effects

Funny enough, that’s my idea for my first slot’s build, but wind is lighting

I like Ash. I wanted to use Ash immediately. Ez

There is a good reason to have an ash first magic though.
If the magics do scale like they did in AA and you want ash to be your main attacking magic, ontop of the extra damage, you also get additional magic size to capitalize on those clouds.

Also it can clear some effects.

wait, which?

I completely forgot but I remember it clears some effects.
Lemme check real quick.

whack. I just knew its clouds don’t interact with other magics so I hold that over Poison

It clears soaked, inked, freezing, and snowy right now but inked is getting killed.

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beat you to it.

its dumb

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