The Hound Siblings Past ( also add Julian as well )

Past Julian Doodles ( His past personality is basically the polar opposite of his recent personality after he absorb the Glass curse )

Julian Glow up to Glow down real quick-



she looks like her legs are buried in the ground

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julian is my favorite character ngl

Explains the motherless behavior :broken_heart: and you can’t deny smug julian supremacy

Like the detail where past Julian has his previous eye color but the present one has his current eye color representing his curse.

i hate his white eyes so much i truly doiutgdrfphgdrshiup

plot twist Julian was never loved

So in conclusion: This guy became glass homelander the moment he took the curse, got it

nah bro just got confidence

i cant deny julian supremacy at all
if i said anything in my mind about him i’d be suspended fr…

mother gone? sounds like skill issue to me
(to all the angry moms out there, this is comment is for entertainment purposes only)

julian babygirl

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