The Howsiters on the forts

Well, I was doing the Edward Kenton upgrade Quest [Infiltrate Silverhold] And a started Getting bounty after finishing, After Leaving and returning to my ship, Cannon fire. The Howsiter has been fired, 1107 damage to my ship which has a maximum of 3600 Health, Do they need to be removed or do you have other idea’s?

Now usually I would suggest getting more health, but this is a quest that can be done at a lower level where you aren’t likely to be able to get more easily. Maybe the mortars just don’t fire at people doing the quest and instead just only fire at regular criminals. Then again, it does make it feel more like an escape when you are actually in danger.

I got shot by one for 1500 damage on my 9000 hp caravel. The file i was on is in the GN lol

Mortar’s range should not be that close to the fort, so it can only shoot your ship once you’re far enough

Idea: move the lieutenant closer to the howitzer spot. If he’s dead, he doesnt respawn for 10 minutes and the howitzer is disabled until then.

i only discovered edward at lvl 125, despite the 2 moments where i got spawnkilled, i had enough fame to not get into the bounty so no howitser fire for me

This does so sound like a good idea, if the lieutenant dies the howsiter’s disabled, so killing the lieutenant makes it easier to flee.