The Hsijan Civil War explained

The Hsijan Civil war also known as the Hsijan Crisis or War in Hsija was the most brutal war after the 5th World War in Sycronia .

This happened after the failed coup”d” e at in Hsija to save the fascist government there.

Socialist,Nationalist and Democratic forces splintered from the fascist dictatorship as they all began to fight each other during the civil war.

The civil war lasted for a long 8 years and a bloody 15 million deaths and 30 million injured in the war.

Superpowers failed to intervene in the war and failed to stop it as the nation turned into anarchy.

Nationalist Socialist and Democratic forces united against the Kingdom of Valor.

They manage to push the valorians out of Hsija within a year and a half.

Seeing this they united under what they call the perfect ideology.

The ideology was a national social democracy.

They left the United Nations after a few years they were admitted and joined the Sycronian United Front.

The nation is now a one party state and has been considered a rising superpower.

The melt metal was invented there and the Museum of the Battle of Ascor lays there .

Hsija has sped up the production of crystalanium and melt metal over the years.

Melt Metal is a very dangerous metal that can engulf other metals and are usually very hot.

This is one of the reasons Hsija left the United Nations.

With the Mage Cold War ever so growing against the Mage States of the Federation and the USA.

Hsija has multiple times refused to take sides as they strengthen relations with the Kingdom of Valor over the years.

None of Sycronia is in the United Nations as well as the 17 preicorian republics and the Curtcius Sea.

Hsija’s Cold War with the Mage States of the Federation and the United States has been growing over the past few years.

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