The Lion of Ravenna Set

I drew a layout of the full General Argos set took me 15+ hours for all this but I’m happy with it some of these aren’t to scale cause I kinda did it on a whim so not all to scale but you get the idea I try to incorporate his chainmail too he has dark chain mail gloves from the forearms and hands and then the normal bronze chain mail shirt and pants plus the thigh guards have chain mail flaps for some reason hope yall like it


this looks sick

make this person head of the kitchen


Now do this for every item set!

I did what’s missing?

No I mean do it for every time in the game lol

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this is gonna help alot if i ever draw him again

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Guys, I’m fighting Argos again and he’s naked. What did ya’ll nincompoops do?

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Ohhhh ok I’ll do carina first and Elius then calvus last any other sets?

:open_mouth: you’re actually gonna do it!? This is gonna be a huge help to all artists here. Maybe Cernyx too.

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Ohh right I forgot about him he’s pretty basic tho shouldn’t be hard

Das is sehr schön!

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