The luck just keeps going

i catch a sunken sword and get the best enchantment for it in the same day…



almighty vetex why is it that you chose to take pity on me


i refuse to enchant my sword because it would probably be hard enchant

Then you have a sword for your alt, HardSunkenSword.

Yes but that’s not exactly a good thing :fr:

fit your character
NOW, also does hard decrease damage?

i dont think so

are you planning on trading the sword?


then there is literally no downside to enchanting it, if you get hard it makes no difference on anything besides value which doesnt matter anyways because you arent trading it
you also the advantage with rng since its a 2/3 chance of getting something good
if you do enchant gl i hope u get swift

oh i mean yes actually i planned on trading it in ao IF it isnt useful for me, i thought you were asking if i was gonna trade it now

in ao hard gets turned to bursting, which is probably going to be better than strong too
cryo said swift > strong in ao so strong might actually be the worst enchantment

i doubt im gonna use it though because i wanna be a 40% weapons 60% magic and that 40% weapons doesnt allow to even get rising tide on it upon release, not to mention how EXPENSIVE that bitch is gonna be to upgrade

that was like mimhere or somebody else


same person said bursting is worst rn

nvm different tester told me swift>strong>bursting then

so it stays exactly the same as in wom?