The magic system is a bit weird

I think that it is very weird to have magics like plasma and glass in game but not having basic magics like vein/grass magic or some kind of support magic. I understand that they want to save those for lost magics but still isn’t it weird that (maybe) grass magic will be a lost one but not plasma? ;-;.


I don’t think grass magic has ever been planned, and it probably won’t be a thing even as a lost (neither will plant magic). Pretty sure it has something to do with them being more of “living things” than other elements

grass magic can’t be added because it’ll be too OP (it will oneshot clan players and decimate players with high inventory values :pensive:)

  1. Grass => Plant => Wod
  2. The magics we have as starter magics are not random, they are taken from the previouse vetex’s game Arcane Adventure.

There you could have only 7 starter magics, and at some point in the game, you would be able to “mutate” 2 out 3 magics you had.

The more simple one, as ash, explosion, plasma, sand were added as base / starter magics in AO with lore behind it.

“On other part of the world from Seven Seas (Where AA take place), humans forgot the concept of mutations and some are already born with what is called “mutations”. While other magics are forgotten and only can be learnt via scrolls of magic that are lost to time…”

Grass magic? You think anyone here touches grass?

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the reason there’s no support-type magic as a base magic is because it would be horrible to progress if you pick it and go mage or any mage hybrid. it would also have to have a unique effect that makes it completely different from all other base magics (it would have to be able to hit allies and heal/buff them or smth) if it were to be some kind of support, and unique effects are saved for lost/ancient magics

“Go touch grass” jokes enters chat.

Woah I didn’t know plant magic mutated into wod magic!1!!1!

I already know about mutations but i doubt it will be the same well i already got my answer from the lore it said that magic just became way more mutated at the end of arcane adventures so ya ig.

i already argued with someone about it he got a point but i still think that classes like paladin should be more versatile utility wise and support.

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