“The man I met on elm island” - Part 4 (Finale) - 2 pages!

Yayy!! There we go~ 2 Pages in the span of a day! I’m so so proud of myself :]
I’m glad I could finish this little comic. The first short comic I have ever made in fact! And It will certainly not be the last!

Here are some short facts for whoever wants to know aswell!

  • The green and yellow gaze was put in place to signify hope and trust!
    Where Lilly grows to trust Edward and allow him to help her heal. And where Edward grows to finally find a sympathetic person towards him. Basically the start of a bright friendship for the both of them. Which will lead to Edward joining the crew later on!

  • The cup Lilly holds and any other dishes and utensil’s on the island are hand carved by Edward! Quite resourceful!

  • And last Edward mentioned being worried about Lilly being passed out for nearly 2 minutes, If a person were to faint and not to respond or wake up in the span of at least 1-1.30 minutes It’s usually a concern. Especially if one is not breathing (Which is not the case here though) - Hopes It clears things out!


This is so cute!! :purple_heart::purple_heart:

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Thank you!! :blush:

Don’t mind me with my weird memes that’s the only way to describe what i want say

Gotchu, Quite helpful actually :]

the purple hearter returns

@rouver2345 come and look

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girl, I really like the way you draw people :heart:

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i love how you can tell their personalities by their poses … i love this so much mgmgmgmmggm

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This is such a cool detail! I like how it signifies the beginning of their friendship!
The amount of effort and details you put into making your works…I am truly amazed! It really shows how dedicated you are to making them!

Also, yayy congrats on finishing your comic! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your works!!

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STHDHSGGFGSFGKRJDSGXF :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Amazing ’ :grin: :grin:

FORGOT TO COMMENT ON THIS BUT I REALLY LOVE THE CREATIVE NOTES YOU ADDED!!! i love reading what thoughts were put into artwork while it was being made so this is just… rlly cool… wonderful art and i loved this comic for how cute it was

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Hhhhh you always catch the little things I plan out!! Ahh I’m so happy you notice them everytime!! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I’m glad you enjoy my short little projects!! And all the little details I try to think of that will help you understand the themes! It’s all crafted there specifically to add to It’s novice charm and hand-made look! Thankk youu!!

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Ahhhh I’m super happy you got invested with my story! And these short explanations! I just like to share them so better clarity is there. And I’m always so happy people get to geek out with me about it :face_with_hand_over_mouth::+1:

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Ahhh It’s actually a great point, I think I did that subconsciously because I just imagined the character and splatted it out. I guess its consistent enough in my brain that I knew it’d fit their personality but heck THAT’S RIGHT lol

Why does she look so cute in this panel :cry:

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Girl be flustered :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Must be them blushy cheeks. I love drawing blush so much! :pleading_face: