The month of preparation

I can’t comprehend

Thanks @EmperorSolstice for reminding me that Latom :pray: exists


Latom :pray:

can I please have an actual definition it’s not funny anymore.

Latom :pray:

I give up.

it seems I can’t get an actual answer to whatever lat fucking om :pray: means

Latom :pray:

Latom :frpensive:

cool story bro

Latom :pray:

Latom :pray:

Latom :pray:

Hunting vetex until he gets fed up and brings down the wrath of god on the entire server :blush:


probably group progression due to the fact theres quite a few members so our first priority is gonna be increasing the member cap

Incineration beyond skeletization
Basically being disintergrated by fire

Inb4 npcs complain about the necrobump

Personally I think he learned the meaning somewhere in those 3 months but you do you buddy, have fun!

you’d be surprised :fr:

Latom :pray:

I’m gonna take it as a codeword for “I just shit in my pants”