The most annoying type of people

Shippers. Yes you heard me shippers. It doesn’t matter if they are “pro” shippers, it doesn’t matter if they’re capitalists, I will always hate them. You see shit like Mario x Lugi on twitter then some cringe ass mfs like “MY HEART IS MELTING WAAAAAA”, or some shit like “THIS IS THE BEST”. These people who support these shippers are worse then the actual shippers themselfs, not to mention shippers make the WORST ships like Iris x morden, Mario x Bowser, Albert Einstein x catgirl. I hate them all, and YOU should too. There isnt a point for this topic I just needed to talk about how annoying these people are

it’s kinda funny tho

footage of a Iris x morden shipper trying to justify the ship

tf iris isn’t 13, isn’t she around the player’s and morden’s age

that is fax tho, shippers in roblox are 110% pedos or smthin

on GOD

Isnt she 15

her age was never stated, but i’d assume it’s around the same as the player

Im really hoping shes 15 so I can make more fun of these iris simps

oh the art channel history…

Whoever made this FUCK you

Shipping is just fantasizing romance, for a video game it’s alright but IRL people can actually be affected by it.

While I hate (a lot) them too, we must agree they’re at least better than those who ship real people. Although that’s really not saying much if anything.

i literally just died inside

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I mean… it’s not impossible…

Screenshot 2023-03-31 8.56.55 PMon the other hand nah WTF :skull: