The most balanced build in the game

iron leg and ash bleed as well as hazards and good investment into EVERY stat

you still need like 80 more insanity, warding and drawback

too much defense

you need 1222993r405345535830593095830985+384304380^3380230 more attack speed

i thought anything below 200 of a stat wasn’t very noticeable

It is noticeable just not on noticeable stats

For instance attack size


Most of the stats that used to have noticeable changes at low numbers like attack size attack speed and agility now are barely noticeable unless papst 200 stats

you cooked a pile of shit. but it is a very artistic piece of shit. stand proud hana-san you cooked anyway

this build wouldve been considered anyone who wore it a literal god back in og WoM
but its garbage in ao