The most legendary fish of them all

massive colossal squid


cook it in a golden pot and see what happens

i’ve had this squid and the screenshots are old, it’s in my aquarium and i’m not letting it out

You just caught the kraken

Also you could probably take it out of the aquarium at some point and show it to someone quickly and then put it back in, you get a short amount of time before it rots when you take it out.

that’s number 1. Three more to go

wasted potential, easily could’ve gotten a 2k+ hunger dish

why do you think i have it in my aquarium, i intend on catching at least 4 more


Caedicia Lurco:

I feel the strength leaving my body

Feel like you’re meant to say that holding that thing

Is it true that Vetex removed those? I want to catch one

apparently it was a bug that you weren’t able to catch them

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