The most unused stat build?

  • mage
  • warlock
  • conjurer
  • berserker
  • juggernaut
  • warlord
  • warrior
  • knight
  • paladin
  • savant
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Why did you put Warden into this?


I wish more rites are added in the next update…

now no warden

you fool that resets the poll

I have seen knights and pure berserkers. You gotta look hard enough but you might spot one in the wild.

I saw a juggernaut the other day. The fact I actually remember that shows how rare they are.

Savants? I think I saw maybe one in my entire lifetime? They exist maybe.

with the results of this poll i am now strangely vindicated over the fact that I have a juggernaut slot

Juggernaut is actually much more used now due to Sailor and ILeg’s synergies when imbued with the Patrimony, the least used is currently Savant.

add oracle pls

no cfist synergy mention D:

the only people who use cfist are doing it for the meme or are genuinely deranged if they think its viable (its not)

my 309 damage m1s say what

your either very low defense or taking large chunks of damage with every m1 says what.

2k hp, less than 100 power, m1s deal like 16 damage to self per throw

for a vitality build thats low hp, i doubt it, and m1s alone wont win you a fight anyways

true, but they’ll help in an ambush and cfist m1s are special in that they’re ranged

the fact that its hard to land m1s with cfist bows and guns in fights to begin with:

i’d compare cfist m1s to beams instead, since they have an explosion radius around the point of contact which makes them relatively easy to land if you can predict where your opponent is about to land

it doesn’t matter what point you try to make, cfist is just
not viable
it won’t be till it either
A - gets buffed
B - the fighting style upgrade system is added and it gains its Lost tier (and even then, the other lost tier fighting styles will very likely still outclass it)
it is so easy to counter it (high agility, not touching the floor)