The New Meta


This works on magic.
That means you can imbue potions onto Pulsar.

Can you guess what the new meta will be?
Some random effect imbue? not even close.

The answer, is Gale Potion (wind magic effect)

Basically, this means that every mage can have wind pulsar effects. That is, you get stunlocked and kept inside it. For those fortunate enough to have never faced a wind mage, the stunlock basically means you get hit for the entire duration of the pulsar. Now, imagine that, but with metal magic or something else horrifyingly damaging. Hell, you could even use it as a way to combo pulsar with a pillar spell much easier, since now the opponent can’t move out of it!

Wind imbue doesn’t have knockback

and how do you know that the only effect of the gale potion won’t be applied

Oo no blackholeeeee

I’m wishing this is very much true.

you ever made a conjurer/warlock and imbued it with wind? shit doesnt work

This isn’t wind imbue it’s a potion specifically designed to cause knockback

Okay but doesn’t the same apply for practically every other build?

What’s gonna happen when someone decided to ult crash and smash you? He’ll put you in a stun lock and then damage you more in half the time it would’ve taken for the pulsar to fully run its course.

Also as just said, this applies to every build

And the worst part?

wind is nowhere near the strongest potion
Imagine using a supernova gel.
Or a superbursting gel.

The power of having every attack have weird space dust

Or not needing to aim.

Uhh, supernova is a different kind of potion type not an effect. They are mutually exclusive


bro, there’s a massive difference in those skills.

you see, a self explosion (smash) knocks people away (out of the aoe)

a pulsar keeps the person inside of it if aimed correctly