The new Q&A session is now open!

While we are steadily but surely approaching closer and closer to the paid access release of Arcane Odyssey, it is also important to quench your hunger for knowledge about the game!

Vetex and Tech and Inferno are going to appear in a Q&A hosted by Selectorch!

The Q&A Session for Arcane Odyssey ← [Click me!]

Make sure to post lots of questions and also watch out for duplicates so that as many questions as possible will be able to be answered to!




Ive already did my question, hope its included in the video

Trying my best not to get overly speculative and bombard it with irrelevant questions lmao



is copper variant for metal magic official?

Is some sort of reputation newspaper going to still be in the game?

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  • Will Palo Town be on a Clan Capturable Island

  • How much strength do you need for Sailor Fist

  • What is your opinion on the fanart

  • What are your plans after TGR?

Wait crap im not supposed to ask here am i

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Magics are projectile focused, Weapons have some projectile aspects and self-centered attacks (like Rising Tide and Devestate), how will Fighting Styles likely play out? We know they will be customizeable and have AoE but little else.

How long is paid testing suspected to last (sorry if this was mentioned elsewhere and I just am stupid)?

Will there be any unchangeable choices in AO as far as builds go? We have stat builds but stat points can be reset. Magic, for example (at least the first one) is an unalterable choice. We cannot pick another (first) magic. So will there be anymore choices like that throughout the game?

This is just the announcement, the actual thread for the QnA is here

Welcome to the forums!
Tips on how to not die:
I recommend you don’t disrespect ice magic because if you do you will be killed by a chaotic ice proxy.
Don’t trust mage mains unless you are one yourself.

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Lmao I am stupid, thanks :skull:

I sure hope all the mess of arguments are cleared…

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