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Published by Fang Percy.

Tuesday, January 11, 2022 (US)

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Sound Magic!

Amidst a Myriad of Wonder

By @Extro

Click the link while holding “ctrl” to open the music on a new tab!


The Hook!

Welcome to another anchor of the Odyssey Feed! I’m trying to get back to a consistent schedule, but it’s not working very well. I’m still going to make an attempt, though :nod:. Anyways, the Arcane Odyssey community is quite hungry for leaks, and Vetex Lord Emperor Supreme Vetex will deliver once again :eyes:.

Let’s start at the all new (I think :fr:) version 1.8.35.

Top to bottom! First of all, some dialogue timing improvements.

Then something much more exciting… If you choose a certain dialogue option when interrogating the sky boss (Confirming prevalent theories about who we were interrogating :mag:), the ending of the interrogation will improve somewhat :chart_with_upwards_trend:. We haven’t seen a ton of things like this, so it’s neat to see.

Accepting a side quest will automatically make it the side quest you’re tracking instead of a different side quest you already were tracking. Convenience, people :+1:!

The look of the ocean :ocean: and the material it’s made of is also changed and improved several times throughout the times. We can see that a bit later :poggers2:!

If you try to swim up with no stamina, it’ll only be half as fast. How many player drownings do you think this seemingly small change will cause :frcryin:? Anything for balancing and the better good though :nod:.

Magic attacks no longer shatter bones. Only can you hear the satisfaction of the demolition of your foe’s skeletal structure if you don’t mingle with the arcane :pensive:.

There’s some quality of life, like UI visual changes, a few visual changes to the animation speed of rolling based off of agility, ect. Speaking of rolling and dodging, dodging into a wall when you’re right next to it is possible. It might even get you a bit higher if you’re almost to a ledge! The rolling animation won’t play if you’re holding a weapon or have shiftlock on :crossed_swords:.

There were later some nice changes to the glow of weapon skill indicators :sunglasses:, and a few lighting changes to reflection and lightning.

Our most sorrowful change in Arcane Odyssey yet :sob:… Rotten fish, old boots, and rusty cans are now placed in the “Worthless” tier. This is a gloomy day for all the rusty can weapon mains out there, including me. This means war.

Moving on, bosses with movement abilities will trigger them 50% of the time they get hit. I’m going to run out of Magic energyyyyyy :scream:!!!

A few weapon and armor changes like these…

Storm of Arrows is one of the boss attacks. So perhaps the Sky Boss is a conjurer, or just a weapons user.

The second image, you say… What’s so interesting about that :thinking:? Oh right. Sunken Armor and the Sunken Sword can casually be upgraded all the way to level 1000, which happens to be the planned Maximum Level. We’re in the endgame now… Do you think there will still be Sunken Champion armor and all that? It’s interesting for sure :ok_hand:. The value of these items have been changed back to their original value :moneybag:.

Some of the enemies such as Ice Smugglers, Frost Brigands, and Spire Bandits do not have randomized names anymore and just use these titles as their names. Some users pointed out we wouldn’t know what their names are anyway :frhigh:.

Last thing in this version, ocean color will change depending on time of day and what sky is currently active. This happens on Graphics Level 7+, along with some other ocean appearance improvements :bulb:.

Next, the title screen has been improved, along with the file select screen. The file select screen will display more of your character’s information along with displaying their idle animation depending on the animation pack they currently have equipped :man_dancing:.

The character creation screen has gotten a makeover as well :poggers2:.

Instead of scrolling through numbers which grant different appearances, you scroll through a window which will preview what you are selecting :nod:. Will definitely help a lot!

And speaking of Character Creation…

That’s right! More customization :flushed::ok_hand:! Thanks to @hereisdan for suggesting more skin colors, even pinging Vetex. His endeavors were successful :white_check_mark:! There’s also 3 new scars.

All the clothes in the game, including those worn by NPCs were darkened, then lightened slightly in order to match the more dark style of the game a bit better :v:. There’s now even a few new non-metal armor damage textures. 5, to be precise.

Along with our little trend of vanity, here’s this:

Somewhat like some roleplay games which make your avatar animations correspond with what you’re saying, some words will make animations play on your characters. For example, if you said “yes”, your character would nod. Cool :sunglasses:! I bet there’s gonna be quite a few people who like this.

And even more about our avatar’s looks, we can join Morden in being a hobo :fr::+1:.

Once we finish “Red Fin”, we can wear the clothes we want to, so don’t worry. Lore implications :scream::scream::scream:!1!1!!?1//1//1?/!?/1//

Version 1.8.40 is quite short, with only a few changes.

Starting from the bottom, we can see that status effects are displayed with an icon which contains a description of the effect, which will help out somewhat newer players. What won’t only help out newer players is that it also displays how long it lasts :clock3:.

Below is a later note regarding the colors of this UI.

We have some nuggets of info regarding the sky boss, which is that he has several phases and is invincible during his transformation phase :thinking:.

And finally, hunger :cake:! Don’t worry, it’s existence isn’t the only information we have regarding it…

But before that, here’s a little bit of vital information.

That’s a lot of death related things to take in! Die in every way possible any percent :skull_and_crossbones::running_man:? Later, there were 2 new stats added; Time Caught in Large Waves, and Large Wave Survival Percentage.

The forums are always hungry for leaks, and hunger is possible with the new hunger bar! But that voracious attitude may come with some negative consequences :flushed:

First of all, when your hunger is at half, you will receive a notification which may help you out with finding some delicacies :apple:.

The real trouble starts when only ¼ of your hunger bar is full, where you get another similar notification. But more importantly, you get the Starving status effect. This unfortunate application halves your health and stamina regeneration speed. Not good, eat fast :hungry:!

But when the hunger bar reaches zilch, you lose 20% of your maximum health every 10 seconds :adhesive_bandage:. The hunger bar will also flash red in case you somehow do not notice. You die a bit slower than 50 seconds though… It’s a bit more like 70, due to the player’s natural health regeneration :heart:.

If you do die from starvation damage, you will respawn with only 20 hunger.

Hunger drains at about 1 per 13 seconds (Though it was 1 per 10 seconds earlier), and this rate is not changed by any outside sources, such as running, jumping, and other physical tasks. It is halted during cutscenes however, but I doubt this is a tactical way to avoid starving :fr:.

Before we get to some more Hunger information, we can take a look at this trello screenshot :camera_flash:.

Potions soon :eyes:? Sharks also spawn further away from players now.

Our poor testers were starving :sleeper: until the ability to eat was added :mariomug:.

All food items currently in the game such as apples, grapes, watermelons, ect. Are edible and will restore hunger. The hunger bar and eating have special effects, particles, sounds and all :sparkles:!

The most important thing about the hunger bar is that the reason it exists is to allow for dishes that give long-lasting buffs. The hunger bar does not allow you to eat if it is at 100 (maximum), but it can go above 100 if you eat something that shoots it above that number when it is not at maximum :nod:. Because some dishes will restore a lot of hunger, that means it will be a much longer time until your hunger bar is really a worrying factor again :+1:.

Just eat normal, abundant food until your hunger bar is almost full, then eat a very filling dish to put it far above 100 :chart_with_upwards_trend:. It’s quite a good system if I do say so myself. What about saturation, you say? It’s been scrapped since it wasn’t the most relevant thing in the world, and the new system is probably much better :mag:

Different foods will grant different amounts of hunger. If you just grab fruit if you pass by islands, it should definitely be enough to keep yourself sustained :v:! Food items are marked with a symbol showing it is a food with the number of hunger it restores next to said symbol. Their descriptions also state they can be eaten :scroll:!

4 New Hints have been added regarding the food system. If that wasn’t enough, food merchants have been added to towns, who sell… well, food :frhigh:. When the player’s hunger bar is at 25% or below, the food merchant’s icon will display at 4 times the length away :telescope:.

These merchants in the existing towns will sell oranges, apples, and bananas :banana:.

And 4 new stats as well!

Need any extra food? Shells and fruits have had their spawn rate increased. Estrid will also give you 15 red apples before you leave Redwake :nod:.

Completely unrelated, but here’s something Vetex said.

We know most of this already, but it does confirm that World of Magic will be moved to a different game so that we can still play it. It won’t be updated, obviously, and isn’t even canon anymore but it’ll be nice to have such a relic preserved :earth_magic_var2::pick:.

Here’s a few changes that will make your character look like an Olympic diver :swimming_man:

Apparently rowboats didn’t despawn like other boats, so it’s good that this has been fixed :+1:. And adding on to the prettiness, tufts of grass and small pebbles will appear around your character depending on the surrounding terrain if you have your Graphics level on 10 :mountain:.

Of course, there will be lots of optimization going on. But don’t fret, because Vetex stated this.

Of course, it’s not an easily achievable goal, but I think V can do it :nod:.

Iris’s health now scales with the amount of people attacking her, and Frost Brigands and Ice Smugglers have had their damage reduced by 40%.

Want treasure :dollar:? Well, unluckily for you the amount of chests that can spawn on a shoreline of an island have been reduced from 4 to 3. But once you do, some items like clams, scallops, and blue clams have some new carrying animations :shell:.

Some quest changes. “Preparing for the Journey” requires you to complete 4 quests instead of 3, and a cutscene with Morden has been adjusted slightly :movie_camera:. Some notifications have been removed, and wave particles update more often.

You might notice the lack of Arcane Odyssey visual leaks this whole anchor. Fortunately, Vetex supplied us with a few!

As we can see here, it appears there is a relic/arena like floating island :cloud:. It looks really neat! We can even see a large amount of sky islands in the background, and even some points where the stepstones could be visible :thinking:.

Frostmill (Or a portion of it) is visible on the left, and we can see some spires (Redwake?) in the distance on the right.

Here, we see a player looking down on some spires, perhaps from either the top of a peak of the Stepstones or a sky island. The rift is much more visible than ever before :eyeglasses: .

In the last image, we can see a very shiny player standing in the front of a caravel. But the main attraction here is the ocean, which is looking absolutely insane and incredibly realistic :ocean::mariomug:. I seriously can’t wait for Arcane Odyssey to release.


On Topic!

I finally recreated Skyship

By @Dr.Archipelago

Arcane Odyssey is planned to be released sometime this year. But who wants to wait, especially for Skyships :thinking:? Archipelago has taken this into his own hands, spending 1½ hours of his time recreating the model :point_down:.

Fly me to the moon

He made the sails and fins himself, adding them onto an Arcane Adventures ship model. He even added cloud effects :poggers2:! Take a look, for sure.


Arcane Art!

That library thing from the AO leaks a few days ago

By @Phewka

Imagine being able to access all the recorded knowledge in the world. Read a million novels and never get bored! You can do it in the Myriad, which contains every book in the world :eyes:! And in a stunning illustration by Phewka, with amazing lighting, shapes, and fireflies, this might make up for the Myriad not existing in real life… almost :frcryin:!


Writing Wizardry!

Ultimatum 9

By @Robotstics

Robotstics returns with another part of Ultimatum, the most well known series on the forums. He didn’t even have to blackmail me this time :mariomug:! This time there’s a lot less action, and some nice scenery to calm you down. We have a few loose ends tied… is it the calm before the storm? Find out yourself, lazy :joy:. The vocabulary and description is better than ever!


The Chart!

Last anchor’s riddle solver was @ProjectHR1! Congratulations for being the first to crack it!

The answer was… ”3”!

You open the chart, and it reads…

Hunger Drain Rate

First to comment or message me with the answer will get a shoutout next anchor!


Important Links

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Vetex’s Devforum

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The Arcane Lily

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