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Created by Cryonical, edited by DocTheWarBird

Tuesday, May 3, 2022 (US)

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Sound Magic!

Darkness Falls

By @A_Name

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The Hook!

Welcome, and welcome back to the latest anchor of The Odyssey Feed! Hang on, what’s this? It appears something seems to be new in today’s paper… Let me cut right into the chase and formally introduce myself. My name is DocTheWarBird, and you may call me Doc for short. I’m, like Cryo, a tester for the game Arcane Odyssey. Some of you may recognize me, but for others I’m wholly a new name! Regardless, I hope you guys can welcome me here! I’ll be helping Cryo with this project from now on, and I hope y’all are up for it! So, without further ado, let’s strap in, get ripe, and dive in!

Hey, this is Cryonical. I’m gonna get started on writing! It’s been quite a while since last time. And as you can see, Doc is helping me now :v:! Of course, he’s not obliged to do anything since he volunteered, but he seems pretty intent! Let’s get started :eyes:

Starting off strong with the addition of a new island, along with green apples which spawn there now :poggers2:! Wonder what this new island could be?

And we aren’t in any shortage of new places to explore, since yet another island has been added! This one has another new food item which lies in store for you… pumpkins :eyes:! And something even more. When you cook something using it, it results in a pie! Throwing this in your opponent’s face deals massive damage, and is currently the most damage from a single hit in the game :scream:.

Let’s waste no time with a multitude of new images flaunting these new islands!

I’m not sure about you, but that fog looks somewhat ominous… Loving the whirlpools though! And the pies look awesome :heart:! I can’t wait to make a cinnamon apple pie! …If cinnamon even exists :skull:. Does it? Can someone help me out here? :frcryin:

Here’s a quite lengthy new version:

As you can see, pillar is now at equal standing with shockwave, which makes sense. After all, they’re both specialized from the normal explosion; pillar having a vertical AoE, and shockwave being horizontal :nod:. And the bruhfish finally gets its own meat color! Lastly, a whole lot of optimization :+1:.

And we also have a new quest at Palo town that’s had placeholder text for quite some months. Glad to see that finally added!

And now. Get ready for something really, really, big :drum:

Wait, not that. Uhh, give me a second. Wrong image. Here, found it :ok_hand:!

That’s right! That is a LOT of chest types :flushed:. And I must say that this large variation in both reward and appearance makes opening each chest far more fun and exciting :face_with_monocle:! Even if it’s not your thing for some of you once the game releases, it had to be done anyway. Everything coming from one chest type seemed quite odd, and we finally have some variation now which should spice up chest hunting :fr:!

Here’s some more changes, though I must admit they are a bit less exciting compared with what we just experienced :mariomug:. Nonetheless:

The wooden bridge collapsing change is definitely good for quite a few reasons, and I’m sure you can figure out such reasons rather easily. And all these changes to armor sets were for the best (Though it broke my intensity build… :upside_down_face:)

Let’s not dillydally, though!

We trek onto v1.9.16, and we immediately see that shipwrights will now slightly lessen your debt :poggers2:! There’s some changes to chest spawn rates, and a few visual improvements to armor textures… I must say that you’ll like the new chainmail :v:! It can even be seen with sunken armor!

But what’s that you see :eye:? It’s actually steel armor, in case you can’t read the trello. But that would mean you wouldn’t be reading this. Curious :thinking:. Maybe if you wore one of the steel helmets, which can be upgraded all the way to level 150, you could prevent getting hit on the head so long ago :joy:!

Let’s ignore that and move onto a few gauntlets, among other accessories. You can now punch people with… more force? The side effect is that your handwriting becomes illegible!

That was a leak from @Noober, and is now a sticker on the Vetex’s Games Discord Server :+1:! It’s pretty funny in a lot of situations, if I do say so myself. We’ve got some more trello to cover, though!

Here’s even more accessory items! They’re rather drippy, I must say. Definitely way more character customization options to be excited about :cold_face:! Here’s actually an image of a tester wearing a few of these items. Try and guess which is which! It’s also become apparent that there’s some creative ship names going around :moyai:

And finally, fish bait can be obtained from three different types of chests; Treasure, Food, and Sailor!

Here’s v1.9.19 :eyes:!

As you can see, we have some tweaks to chests! And they’ll be easier to grab as well, since you won’t have to wait for your forcefield to wait off :sunglasses:! I remember that being somewhat annoying in WoM. However, you won’t snatch up enchantment scrolls as often from Scroll Chests… better start grinding those Sealed Chests! And you’ll be able to sail faster against the wind in skyships as well :+1:!

But if you thought that was all for this version, you were sorely incorrect :joy:! For I haven’t shown it all to you! Grovel, mortals!

(This one below is a bit later on.)

You thought that scroll chests were quite pointless now. While their trim actually has some sharp edges, they have a point in your intended definition. Treasure Charts :poggers2:!

Thanks for the showcase, Benjamin and Logan, brethren in saltiness! As you can see, the generated riddles will guide you to treasure using directions, island zones, elevation, and more! Back onto our pre-programmed show :mariomug:.

You can obtain these treasure charts from Scroll Chests, with 5 tiers… common, uncommon, rare, exotic, and legendary! Which… well, I must say, their tier names were not a surprise :fr:. These charts, which you can see the UI of above, will provide you with a riddle that the game generates for you, in which its contents will lead you to buried treasure!

And fortunately, Legendary Charts don’t work the same way as they did in Arcane Adventures, because they in fact will not send the server your location. But if they did, these scrolls still do disappear when you die or leave the game :headstone:. makes sense.

BUT! Be careful with a legendary chart, because it’ll lead you to not 2, not 3, but 5 different islands. Each spot will contain a note, which will possess directions to your next destination. Common charts only lead you to 1 island, uncommon to 2 islands, and so on :thinking:. It’ll be quite the odyssey!

Let’s move on.

As you can see, not only are charts easier to comprehend (Noober is still illiterate :moyai:), but we now have something to dig it up with! Shovels! Soon after this patch note, it can now dig, with sound effects and all. And digging in the ground has a chance to give you 1-4 galleons :moneybag:!

Last but not least for the above version, the pick up animation has been improved a bit. It’s not a lot, but it actually makes a big difference, especially for some of the larger items :nod:!

Let’s finish up treasure charts;

It shouldn’t take awhile on a treasure chart’s location to yoink some of those rewards out of the earth :shovel:! And once you get to that area the chart described, you won’t have to dig around and try to find the chest, the chest will instead conveniently materialize wherever you dig in that zone :thinking:! How incredible!

There’s also indicators and all showing how many you must dig up to complete the chart / receive the note containing the next riddle (for higher tier charts). You’ll also be rewarded by XP for your endeavors :ok_hand:!

Here’s some images which will explain this far better than I…

That’s quite a few silver chests, must have been satisfying to open all of those :frsleepin::ok_hand:

Now, look through all of these miscellaneous balance changes :arrow_down:.

My personal favorites are that all of the wilderness islands have acquired their own identities, and that rough seas spawn under storms now :eyes:. Good luck getting your rowboat off Dawn Island, though… Just kidding, that’s probably already been adjusted.

Then there’s a whole lot of bug fixes :ant:… Then, finally;

It seems lost cargo is way more of a wild card now :mariomug:. Of course, this won’t be super broken or anything. No Ancient Magics for salvaging a crate floating in the sea! Speaking of Ancient Magics, this is the most relevant place I can insert this quote from Vetex:

I’m gonna be playing around with these suckers once they get added eventually :poggers2:. Of course, not to say they’ll be easy to get… but certainly some fun will be had!

Here’s an image showing off what the file screen looks like in Arcane Odyssey :eyes:!

Quite neat! We can see the ocean in the background, too! And once again we’re looking at that cool pattern on the corners of the files you could see all throughout that on the UI showcase video so long ago :nod:!

Let’s get back to the trello patch notes. Not only have a whopping total of 6 unique and entertaining quests have been added to Cirrus, but tornadoes have also been improved in their visuals. Gotta love it :mariomug::+1:! There’s some NPCs just for dialogue too. Quite interesting!

Now… one of these quests is named “The Dueling Mage.” (It’s repeatable)! And with it brings some very special changes to NPC behavior :cold_sweat:.

Higher level NPCs can now follow your advice of “Just dodge and parry” with flying colors :scream:. Who’s laughing now? This behavior is currently unique to the dueling mage, but there’s no doubt this code will be implemented to some future enemies. You’ll be enjoying that new parry animation when he no doubt does this to you, sending you into cardiac arrest :joy:!

Here’s something else to get excited about. The shape option for blast attacks has had its level requirement lowered from 300 to 220. Since being a level 120 (stated to be AO’s level cap) mage means you’ll have 240 magic points, using a shaped blast will be achievable upon release :flushed:!

We’re getting close to the end now…

Our beloved Magic Circles have even more swag now. And rare weapons have received a quite notable buff :muscle:. And some rarer items might be obtained with more ease, since the sky boss has had their drop rate lowered from 1/7 to 1/3. It makes grinding the boss way easier!

And for the most recent few versions, Vetex has been working on the storyline for the Forest of Cernunno. Wonder how that will turn out :mag:!

That’s all for the trello patch notes, but I have a few other things to show you! Here’s a few incredible photos taken within a rather well kept looking town :eyes::

The second image is DocTheWarBird (Hi, Doc!). And at last, One of the new eye options that was in the trello so long ago has come to fruition on their face! Well, it doesn’t look particularly healthy, but it’s quite intimidating :cold_sweat:! Loving that new water texture.

We’re really close now. Take a look at some of the cards on the Major Ideas section. A lot of them have been rightfully marked finished, and have way more information about them. Since it’s all information we know, unless I missed something important, I won’t be covering it all here :fr:. But definitely take a look yourself :nod:!

And at last, here’s a few shots of the sky, and a spectacular sunset to end this anchor.

Just kidding, here’s a pirate ship! Now you can end on a not as climactic note! Troll’d :joy:!


On Topic!

Build thread

By @Aizwrath

You’ve seen plenty of threads on the forums. But in this one, Aizwrath builds using Roblox Studio and shares it with the forum :flushed:! Whether it’s a not so dreadful haunted house or a simple cottage, there’s plenty to see here and there will be even more in the future! Absolutely love the style I’ve seen so far; lots of effort going here :nod:.


Arcane Art!

Newcomer at Summerhold

By @tong

Tong strikes again with another fabulously detailed piece of art. This time, we see a brave and seasoned adventurer, Alicia Water, traveling to the most well known town in World of Magic… summer hold :nod:! Every bit of this art is really exquisite in my opinion, and it was totally worth putting here. The shading, shapes, colors, and everything was awesome :+1:.


Writing Wizardry!

The Conqueror, the Commissioner, and the Storm

By @DRobinHood

There’s been so many new writers on the forum, and it’s neat to see. However, I happened to choose one that I read very thoroughly, and caught my attention even more than some other pieces. Here, we follow the adventures of Jeremy Nimbus, with an ordinary story, but a not so ordinary series of events he will follow :eyes:. He meets a man which grants him something he would never expect… read to find out!


The Chart!

Last anchor’s riddle solver was @Divonachi! Congratulations for being the first to crack it!

The answer was… ”10”!

You open the chart, and it reads…

I’m nestled inside of towering, jagged-like columns that act as a bulwark and intimidator to daring imposers. My people are legendary for hunting massive game for holiday, in order to fully suffice for the winter. What am I?

First to comment or message me with the answer will get a shoutout next anchor!


Important Links

The Odyssey Feed

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Vetex’s Devforum

Arcane Odyssey Media Drive (By Flare)


The Arcane Lily

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