The Off-Topic Amendments

Us candidates need to make amendments please give me suggestions

Amendment 1 - If thou shall create images pertaining to the shipping of Minotaur and the Exiled
thou shall be sent to the realm of thou shadows

Amendment 2 - Nobody shall impersonate our savior, WAX

Amendment 3 - Thou shalln’t post socially unacceptable content on this here forum

Amendment 4 - Those who are sent to the shadow realm have thy right to get themselves out through court, thou Judge will always be @LordOfTheBloxxed. You shalln’t buy out thy Judge with crowns or rare items, attempt to do so will result in a immediate guilty verdict.

minoexiled is a felony

stop making these posts please :sob:

I am sorry

how will we be able to run a republic without written rules set in place?

who said anything about a republic?
anarchy ftw

ok guys think i’ll start up the debate now

Just copy the real life rules, twenty second amendment one cannot be president more than twice

woah!!! obama time!!!

i did

Amendment 1 shouldn’t exist, how can I make more of my Minotaur x Exiled?

go to my new post do it now

Offtopic Presidential Debate

by posting them somewhere else

Hm, game discussion would work since it is part of the game.

that also works if you want to go to flagged hell even faster, but suit yourself

can you go away

a debate is in session

go back in debate!

all in favor of these amendments? say aye

we’re not done yet, there will be more