The Official (Official) Guide to AO (Part One)

The OFFICIAL Guide to AO (Part One)
by a person who has played w.o.m. for 8 hours

Part 1: Stats
The World of Magic Arcane Online has four main stats, which can be assigned in your skill menu. These stats can do a wide range of things and you get 4 per level up. It is important to choose where you asskgn your points because they are key to AO’s classes (More on this later).

Strength is the first stat in Arcane Online, and is widely considered to be the strongest. Strength affects your melee damage, ranged damage and emotional damage. Strength allows you to uze larger weapons, or foregoing weapons entirely, master complex fighting styles. Like punching style, water punching style and hey isn’t this one from one piece? A higher Strength score will grant you increased door kicking abilities and your clicks will be more powerful in the menu.

Magic In this world of magic-al beasts, give em a taste of their own medicine with the magic skill! The magic stat dictates the player’s magic damage, mana and allows them to use more complex magical spells and decreases their likability. A good mage knows that pumping their magic stat is key for unleashing elemental destruction.

Vitality The Vitality stat makes you tankier, and not much else really. Increasing the vitality stat will actually help with your natural regenerative powers, unlike those weird Facebook ads. Players with lots of vitality are both scared of dying and somehow also huge masochist.

Weapons Is this really a stat? This just seems lazy we already have strength what more do you need?? The weapons skill allows you to use more complex weapons with their own fighting styles. Also less complex weapons like hammers, also with fighting styles now included! Weaponmasters study the blade, and the bow, and the cudgel and every other weird niche weapon.

(I’m too tired to keep writing this on my phone so this is part one like for part 2!!!)


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Spirit Weapons though.


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Raw muscle strength + aptitude with martial arts does not equal aptitude with handling, using, and wielding weapons with mastery. Could you do an advanced bo staff technique if all you’ve done your whole life is hand-to-hand karate? Nope. No matter how good at karate you are, said technique with a bo staff is an entirely different skill, and should be treated as such.

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