The one who attained a slightly respectable milestone on this dumb forum

i’m now officially the highest ranked non-artist and non-admin on this forum
and for some reason i’m still less respected than srtolertus, slayer of necroposters.
that is unless Noober gets 2 likes immediately after I make this
in which that was like 2 minutes of bliss for me


well congrats

now lemme steal that title from you tomorrow

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more like
yo mama

yo can i steal it

you seem like you have more respect than him tho
the “come to brazil” gag is getting kinda old

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Lmao @liu has more likes than the fucking creator of the game


tong should be wayyy higher


Aye congrats! :partying_face:

I like you, you funny and chill

both of these statements are wrong

Can I borrow your likes for a day? I pwomise I won’t steal it :3

He fucking retired

I don’t know how I manage to actually compete with artists in terms of likes.


you’re the most favourite mod

Plus he kinda fucked his rep outside of the forum

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TAITC rn:image

Me in the corner: image

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