The One Who Grips and The One Who Shall Grip

limbus company anyone? anyways not a canon drawing but just a fun thing i made of me and a friend’s oc :>
armete and lammes my beloved (i will push lammes into a pit of lava)


Project moon mentioned.
Honestly drawing looks cool, tho where’s the nail?

didn’t feel like drawing it honestly + my procreate crashed while making it and somehow i couldn’t undo a mistake on the flames so i had to entirely redraw that

Mann, :disappointed:

How long you playing limbus for btw

siiince the start of s1 probably? during the kromer faust banner


super lit!!!

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project moon mentioned

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grip? deepwoken grip? he grips freshies? calling in judgement day.

Purity seals drawn, post approved


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I know this is supposed to be a Limbus Company reference, but Roblox has rotted my mind so much that when I read the title I just imagined Armete and Lammes in that drip going out and ganking random mfs in Rogue Lineage and Deepwoken

I am so sorry.
Also very cool art, can’t forget that part! The drip goes crazy.

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I started playing like a month or so after canto 5 released

i cant escape projectmoon no matter how hard i try