The Origins of Femtex and the Guild Anime Girls

The Tale of Femtex
Long ago, before time, and the Roblox platform itself existed, was an unholy being that came to be known as the Femtex. Before time, there was only a void, a dark place of infinite nothingness that the historians of the future later on named… @boxi2012 . The Femtex traversed the lands of this place for many centuries, searching for a meaning to her existence.

A hundred years passed, and my brother and I discovered the new avatar, an avatar named Meta

The Femtex was tired. The constant searching for meaning became pointless.
If she wanted to have a reason to exist, then she’d make up her own.
Want subjects that you can reign supreme over? Call the God Hotline today, at 6900-420-1337 .
A bored fFemtex began producing worlds out of thin air! Though, she decided to eventually focus on two places specifically, The Seven Seas and the War Seas. She also made more minor gods, such as the Greek Olympian Gods, some random developers, and the Guardians of the Galaxy to take care of minor problems in the multiverse.
Things were fine for a while, with Femtex being the supreme ruler of the world and creating vessels such as Theos and Morden to keep the Seas at peace.
That was, until two mysterious forces arrived…
Roblox Glitches and Updates
The two beings just came out of nowhere, abolishing many worlds in the multiverse, disrupting the peace that there once was. With nothing left to do, the duo and Femtex fought it out to the death in Roblox Studio…

But the Glitches and Updates Reigned Supreme

In the aftermath of the battle, the Arcane Adventures of the Seven Seas were destroyed, and Femtex was split into many parts by the strange entities, to prevent balance from ever coming back to the servers. Each and every single being with magic energy residing within them had their powers increased tenfold, harnessing small amounts of the power left behind by the Femtex. Oddly enough, much of this power was harnessed by a man by the name of Vetex, who distributed some of the energy to his closest allies.
With the high amount of Femtex Energy, Vetex tried as hard as he could to keep the Seven Seas and War Seas in balance, and restore the legacy that once was of the unholy Femtex.

As time passed, many had forgotten of the Femtex, believing her to be some simple myth, some simple legend. It didn’t help that Vetex himself tried to disprove the claims of this holy being ever existing, though his reasons still remain unknown.
Those who were still loyal to the fabled Femtex resorted to corporate measures to unite the parts of Femtex little by little. Guilds were one example of a way the many believers of Femtex attempted to revive her, believing that by uniting many people together under a common cause, they would be able to unite the small amounts of Femtex’s energy they all had together, allowing them to reconstruct Femtex.
However, this succeeded badly.
Instead of simply “Flex Taping” the energies together and building Femtex like building blocks, the energies combined to create new beings altogether. These beings were cute anime waifus that were later known as the Guild Anime Girls. Each of these Guild Anime Girls that were birthed from guilds became more and more powerful the more members each guild had, and their personalities and who they were as a whole reflected the guild they were from.
For example, a guild such as Suncry would have a yellow haired anime waifu that kills anyone in sight, and is somewhat competitive and assertive but somewhat chill in their own regard.
Deez anime girls were actually pretty powerful in their own regard, and can destroy a literal island if they wanted to. Many wizards into the future believed that if every single guild waifu were to unite, they could potentially combine and revive Femtex, though due to recent guild wars in Magius and the War Seas, that might not happen for a while…

But anyways, Roselight waifu kinda cute ngl

As time went by, this legend faded away into the oblivion.
But the void @boxi2012 and many others tried to make everyone remember, to no avail. The fate of Femtex lies in your hands to remember this tale.
Also Thanksgiving is Femtex day lol cause turkey-


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