The Owl House Season 3 First 6 Minutes!

For anyone who watches The Owl House, the first 6 minutes of the third season was released at NYCC!



I Love the owl house,can’t wait for the show to come back!

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What’s the owl house? And why only 6 minutes that seems random

It’s a great show with awesome characters

Thanks for clarity


The hour long episode doesn’t release till next week
Also, ToH is basically an isekai made by Disney Channel

i just finished watching season 2 yesterday…

And that’s by… Disney channel?

I’ve seen weirder I guess. But I still don’t understand what six minutes would do, I mean is it like an intro trailer?

they left on a massive cliffhanger so i think it was to build even more hype since season 3 is coming out in 9 days

Oh, each episode of Season 3 is gonna be releasing 3 months apart
Episode 2 is coming out in January

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real, then disney cut the last season in half because gay people

you think they chose to end at season 3?

that was sick, that montage at the end was great. definitely looking forward to the upcoming season despite it being cut short :sob:

do i think disney chose to end at season 3? yes they specifically said it got cut short/cancelled because disney said it didn’t fit their ‘‘brand’’

really sucks because i’d have loved to see more character interactions and more fillery stuff but they have to squeeze everything into the last season so, all things considered they did an amazing jobs with s2 since they basically had to crunch a lot of important info into a smaller batch of episodes

disney cancelling one of their most popular shows just because:

too much gay


I watched Gravity falls
I watched Amphibia
I’m watching Adventure Time
I watched Season 1+2 of the owlhouse.
its time for owlhouse season three. time to find references to other animations!

Up for recommendations for other shows as well.

Infinity Train
Lego Monkie Kid
Rise of the TMNT

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omg the little gay witch show

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