The Peacekeeper Makes a Pizza in Trigno's Pizza

Writer's Notes

this is a shitpost but was written while I’m waiting for school stuff announcement

enjoy lol

     Before I was aware of anything around me, my hands were kneading the dough. Sure, it’s warm and soft. But how did I end up in this situation again? The last thing I remembered was saying something to The Dark Wizard; Durza.

     My self-awareness grew, as the smell of freshly baked pizza hit my nose, along with the heat that made me sweat.

     Speaking of the heat, I knew I had felt something this hot before.

     “Leave that dough proof for 5 minutes.”

     The voice along with the heat was from behind me. I turned back only to be greeted by a certain magma curse user guy, named Trigno. But he’s wearing one of those chef outfits… Wait, I was actually wearing this too.

     “Quit staring and clean that table up, we’re going to-”

     As Trigno ordered, a loud shouting repeatedly chanted the phrase “SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS” from somewhere behind me.

     Trigno sighed for roughly five seconds, “Averill. You know how much that wine costs?”

     I turned back again and looked beyond my dough kneading table, and witnessed Captain Averill pouring a bottle of wine aggressively into the pan. He didn’t wear the chef outfit like me and Trigno though, he’s just the same good ol’ half-naked Averill.

     “Trigno.” Averill stopped as he continues pouring the wine into a fancy-ass wine glass nearby, then sipped it. “I’ve paid for this shit.”

     Trigno glared at Averill who continued sipping the wine after that exchange, before shifting his focus to me. “Fine, now go back to cleaning. I’m getting the sauce.”

     He then left me to clear up the mess I didn’t remember making. I didn’t know how did I end up in this kitchen, but whatever.

     As I’m cleaning, I heard the exchanges of Trigno telling Romulus to preheat the oven from a distance away. I also overheard something like those two not letting ‘The Rupin Incident’ happening again.

     I got the feeling that Rupin’s already dead at this point, but whatever.

     Now that I think about it, I should do something about this weirdly fast-rising dough.

     With this size, this better be cut into four pieces. Time to grab this totally safe-looking knife and do my job.

     So after the cut, I packed the three pieces away and let this one piece do its own pizza funky thing.

     After the dough’s settled and the kitchen’s smelling like some good fucking food, I rolled out this one dough and did the dough tossing thing. Not sure where did I learn about this, but I hadn’t done this before.

     As I was struggling with the dough tossing and wondering how did people do it, Trigno came by, placed his ingredients on my table, and told me to pass the dough. He then continued tossing the dough with some good fucking skill. And yep, he looked like that one chef I watched back when I was eating pizza in Mainland with Averill.

     Trigno yeeted the dough onto the pizza stone, and asked me to put on whatever ingredients he brought here.

     But I noticed one thing missing, so I finally got to nag Trigno for a bit, “Where’s the pineapple?”

     His eye glowed magma red. “The what?


     Damn, I thought he’d enjoy pineapple on pizza. But eh, time to put this tomato sauce and mozzarella on it.

     Later, we’d put this god-forsaken pizza into the oven with Romulus, and let it cook itself.

     I still didn’t remember anything before being here. After Trigno had walked away, I whispered something to Romulus.

     “Uh, Romulus. What’s this place again?”

     “It’s Trigno’s Pizza. What about it?”

     “Nothing, thanks.”

     Trigno’s Pizza, you say?

     I asked myself, as I pinched my own cheek. This sounded like something straight out of a fever dream.

     And the cheek pinch didn’t hurt at all.


do you think magma would make good tomato sauce

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that makes for a crispy pasta


all i imagine is a literal god in battle gear cutting pizza with a chef hat
also is trigno the gordon ramsay of pizza

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hope he is

as i am a god of a type of food
he will now be really fucking good at any kind of pizza involving pig as a topping or something like that

holesome 10/10

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for real tho I love how no one points out how I butchered averill in this shitpost (that section kinda came from one of the deepest spots in my brain too)



the averill section’s inspiration came from this one cooking video where a guy pours wine into the pan to make his wine sauce, then deadass did the

“then you pour some for yourself, cheers” while pouring the wine into his own glass
(there’s like a warning that says some shit like ‘please drink responsibily’ in that section too)


I have a feeling that averill wouldn’t drink responsibly

same tbh

and he’d be that one chef who uses a lot of alcohol in his dishes

lmfao fr tho

if I write about averill chef in the future

I gotta watch the chef I mentioned (the one who pours wine for himself) and another chef who also uses a lot of alcohol in her cooking videos bc alcohol inspiration

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ayo epic

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