The problem with rushdowns (and snare)

from my knowledge, rushdown (and snare) simply dont work properly (in PVE, atleast).
rushdown never hits properly, almost always resulting in minimal damage, yet the npcs always land full rushdown

snares also almost never land, but they do all the dmg if they do, and thankfully, npcs dont use that

vetex, please fix

Sounds like skill issue
Just break through their plot armour, it ain’t hard.

dont you get it?
the npcs have the plot armor of an isekai protagonist

for me at least snare never works specifically on bosses but against regular npcs it just misses sometimes even if they’re not blocking and i’m at point blank range

Snares are so much more reliable for some reason. Meanwhile, when I connect a rushdown or most weapon grabs, all I get is two ticks of damage.

Screenshot 2024-05-10 12.56.47 PM

i always land only one hit for slightly more damage than an lvl 1 player’s blast

bosses are immune to grabs, they just take damage instead

snares aren’t supposed to work on bosses

Npcs will block, even if they’re in the middle of an attack and their animation doesn’t play
This makes grab moves in PvE a gamble (where you lose 60% of the time) with no real trade off because there are much more reliable moves that do consistent damage

Yeah rushdown has a weird bug where it cancels after the first 1 or 2 hits most of the time.

Snare seems to have an inconsistent hitbox, it makes me think the target has to be in line of sight with nothing (including invisible parts) in the way.
Also, grabs don’t work on bosses and deal damage instead, except snare, which does no damage and leaves you in hitstun

Okay, but for real though. This bug has been in the game for almost a year now (since last october, if trello is anything to go by).

I’m someone who likes to give Vetex and his team the benefit of the doubt–admittedly to the point of delusion, on occasion–but even I have to wonder what is going on internally here at this rate.

I wanna believe there have at least been attempts to fix it in the past and they just haven’t worked? (edit: also worth mentioning that i think weapon grabs and snare have both been fixed for the most part since 1.14.5; it is literally just rushdowns at this point)