The Pure mage and her pets

Finally burnout is over!

(ahahahahah, no)

Little story

My main file is Megan Water, a pure mage with size being the main stat. She has Explosion (=> Ap.Bringer), ash and i plan to give her magma as third. Unlike most peasents i use 1 word per spell “Bomb!” “Ash” “World!” “Detonation”, but one spell stands from other “Ultimate Art: Nuclear Beast”

2 WORD SPEL1?!?!??!?!?!
Yep, and that’s the only creature-shaped blast spell i have. So its poggers. When i get to Ash’s ult i will probably make an Placed Explosion with pheonix. And on magma…eh? 20 blast of Sharks?

Oh my god i spent 3 hours making this, at first i wanted to make an animation simmilar to “Kon” from Chainsaw man, with White eyes attacking a ship and Dragon splitting it in 2, then just some casting animation but both of those ideas went into bin because of model shenenigans…God please give me actual motivation.


The way I get motivated is by asking people what I should draw for them. Since they are expecting the drawing, I feel more obligated to do it and I don’t get burnt out because I’m not doing it for myself, if that makes sense

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super cool idea hope you get that animation done eventually, love seeing more modeling and stuff on the forums helps my art feel less out of place :people_hugging:

lol sounds like fun honestly

Yeah I was able to do like 5 or 6 drawings within the span of a month without complaining. It was really motivating.

ew stun combo


kiss on sight?

oh slay, my Ash-Fire Mage is gonna have a similar setup, but her Fire is going to be Flare