The Roblox Ping Experience


I haven’t been able to go on roblox games at all. The ping has been haunting me since yesterday and I cannot do anything against it. My psychiatrist recommends 50 ms of ping a game, yet this is what I get. I don’t know what to do.


turn off your computer overnight

I’ve been through this problem multiple times
and I know how to solve it
intentionally join less densely populated servers through the servers tab on a game.
do NOT press the Play Button. That will redirect you to the most densely populated server that is available, which means fucktons of ping.

Actually it goes to the best server for good ping(Not technically, but the closest server is practically the same thing) in this order of priority.

  1. Friends list
  2. Distance from server (If they’re in similar distances it goes to #3)
  3. Server Age
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