The RP Category has been removed..Introducing the Writing Category!

This is just a friendly announcement that the roleplay category is now the Writing Category! There are three subcategories found within, the General Writing, Advanced Writing and Roleplay sections!

General Writing is for anyone and everyone that wants to try their hand at writing! There are simple rules and anything can be written, so long as they exist within the Arcane Odyssey/ World of Magic Canon!

Advanced Writing is a place for higher caliber literary works. Anyone can reply and view topics in this category, but it is a place reserved for experienced, seasoned writers to post in. Want to become a seasoned writer? DM me with a good hefty and high quality work of writing you produced, and I will judge your merit!

Roleplay is now its own subcategory! The previous category has been condensed to its own thing now, and anyone is allowed to create stories that are driven by themselves and other forum members!

More information can be found in each respective subcategory! I hope to see new faces and new authors flexing their writing skills! Cheers!


What the fuck did people roleplay about… :eyes:

Mostly adventures within the Wom Universe :smiley:

Thank god :relieved:

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Can I be accepted into the writing category?

You don’t need to be accepting into the category! The Roleplay and General Writing Subcategory are open to anyone to post topics in!

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Question regarding the writing category:
Do the stories have to be related to AO / WOM?

Yep! So long as they are related or exist within AO/WOM, it is allowed.

Can it not be WoM related?

Can it be AA related?


Since AA did technically take place within the canonical universe that AO/WOM exists in, I would say yes!

So this means off topic stories aren’t allowed… :frowning:

@Xael add an off-topic section to #writing NOW :fr:

Write off topic stories in off topic ._.

I could add an [OFFTOPIC] label to general writing, but I will have to see how it plays out as the category can easily be spammed. We’ll see!

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yes ploxs!

Just curious…if you DID add an [OFFTOPIC] label, would this story count as one? Yes cringy ik

yep! (ten chars >:( )

Can we repost old stories onto the category?