| The Silent Tower | Ch. 1: "The Council and The Duo"

Summerhold, a town ruled by King David Silver, a mighty man who has the potential to burn a dozen dark wizards into ashes with a single blast, years of history and yet, he still remains as one of the most powerful wizards of the time.

The city was incredibly anxious and fearful of The Malevolence attack upon a Magic Council ship
and they doubled the guards in the town in fear of a threat being placed on them. Dozens of citizens of Summerhold approached a stadium where the Magic Council stood out, ready to give to inform them of the loaming rumors.

“We understand your dread of the news, while the light will always prevail, darkness always comes to darken it away, The Malevolence have been a recently discovered Dark Wizard Faction, dictated by a big man without magic.”
The Magic Council commissioner spoke out to a crowd of townsfolk at Summerhold

“Many days have passed since the ambush on the Seven Seas, involving the Magic Council and The Malevolence, due to the deception of the leader, Talvin, they were easily able to tear the ship from the inside and outnumber them when they’re own ship arrived.”
A small murmur arose from the crowd as Guards began to quiet them down.

“A single survivor, Darius Keen, made it to the shores of Ironport and had told us of this event, he is now in heavy recovery, but we do want everyone to thank and reward him for this work.”
The Commissioner continued, his voice sounding as if he spent hours doing paperwork on nothing but a single berry.

“On behalf of the Magic Council, we will continue our search to capture these criminals where justice and court will determine their future, The Magic Council will always stand to protect Magius with an Iron-Fist and none will intercept our dream.”
He spoke with a greater tone, allowing this town to know they mean it with all honesty.

A hooded man in the crowd lurked behind the audience, his eyes were incredibly baggy and strands of greyish-brown hair were visible.

“As of now, that’s all the Magic Council has to announce, thank you all for participating and you can go on with your day.”
The Commissioner bowed to the audience, briefly glancing at the man and walking down the stairs.

The hooded man stood silently, tightly clenching his fist for a while and then began walking, pushing his way through people and into an alleyway, he noticed two men following him, but chose to ignore them.

“Looking a little grey around the gills, is your mind foggy or are you just stupid?”
A thug approached the man.

“This is our ground, pay with galleons or your liv-”
The other spoke, but would be interrupted as the man knee-kicked him in the throat, breaking his windpipe.

He began suffocating on the floor.

“You little shi-”
The other thug spoke holding a dagger at the man.

The thug jabbed the dagger at him, but would catch the knife as he began repeatedly punching him, even when he let go of the dagger, the man continued beating onto the floor until his face was pouring with and eventually knocked him out.

The other Thug who was dying on the ground struggled for breathe.

The man used the dagger from the other thug and cut a small hole into the throat, allowing air to escape.

“Take the other with you, this doesn’t have to get messy…well…messier.”
The man looked around the area to see blood splattered everywhere.

The other criminal couldn’t speak, but the emotion on this face was that of pure fear and instead left the other behind and the hooded man continued walking down the alleyway.

He came to a stop at a wall and removes bricks out out of the way with magic and closed it behind him, entering a tunnel.

He walked through the long tunnel, dust kicking off his shoes, he went through the darkness without any sources of light, he eventually approached a huge underground home with many orphaned animals racing towards him for affection, he pet most of them walking over to a desk and shifting through paper.

A women also entered the room, where she looked at her master remove his hood.

“I hope you’re alright with going outside for the news, you really do not like the light.”
Her soft voice spoke while handing him stolen papers from the Magic Council.

“You shouldn’t be going out there alone with so much threats and powerful people.”
The hooded man spoke.

“I put up a fights i can win, Master Reeds, after all i was taught by the best.”
She smiled while hugging him.

“Please get off…”
Ozkar Reeds stood there in embarrassment.

“You feel a lot more colder today, you’ve been eating healthy?”
She tightly held onto him.

Ozkar didn’t respond as his eyes focused on the newly found papers.

Ozkar looked at the papers, laughing at the new description of him “Phantom of the Moon” and “Prometheus’s Knight”

“Well, i’m gonna get you something to eat from the market, i’ll be back before dusk-”
Natalee took her hands off as she began walking to the exit, but would be interrupted.

“How did you get this?”
Ozkar’s eyes widened while holding the paper out to her.

She looked in silence for a little while before speaking again.

“Oh yeah, i stole that off the Commissioner before the speech had began, it has to do with many captured inmates of the Malevolence faction knowing of the next location they’ll attack next.”
Natalee took the paper from his hand and looked at it a bit more.

“Sadly, many of them killed themself, their last words being ‘Hail Talvin’ only one inmate remains, but you really don’t like him…”
Natalee looked up at him with narrowed eyebrows.

Ozkar spoke…

-One Hour Later-

Ozkar arrived at the Silent Tower, looking up high at the dark grey bricks that the tower was comprised of, in the dark night sky.

“Stay back! You are not welcomed here for what you have done!”
Two guards blocked the entrance.

The Commissioner arrived.

“He’s fine…let him through, he needs to be here, trust me.”
He replied.

With one last stare, the two guards allowed Ozkar to enter the prison, walking down into the large room, surrounded by more guards and they all began to gossip.

“Is that Promethesus’ Knight?”

“Nah, he’s called Phantom of the Moon.”

“He’s a freak.”

Ozkar glanced at all of them, each one making remarks about his appearance what who he truly was.

“Hey, focus, you can only stay in here for only some time before the Captain finds out.”
The Commissioner whispered to Ozkar.

“Don’t be surprised if i break ones’ nose.”
Ozkar replied, continuing to walk with him to the prison cells.

Ozkar and the commissioner found themselves going up stories of floors, looking at some of the most horrific looking criminals ever locked up in here, however, it only a fraction of how the inmate they needed to talk to looked like.

“Dayum, the Magic Council needs to kick up their exercise schedules…damn, i’m unfit.”
The Commissioner breathed heavily in exhaustion as Ozkar only continued.

They eventually made it to the floor they needed to be one and it was very quiet, almost like the cells were almost empty.

The Commissioner opened up the door and allowed Ozkar to enter, his hands shaking in fear. Ozkar approached the grey skinned man with medium, fluffy brown hair, the smell almost too awful to comprehend.

“You’ve missed me~…”
The haunting voice of the inmate terrified most, but not Ozkar.

“I only want to know one thing and i am out of here, do not extend the stay, not after what you had done to Bell Village.”
Ozkar aggressively spoke.

“Always were in a rush, i wonder how your parents felt…leaving them…in that house~”
The inmate began fiddling with the magic cuffs.

Ozkar began gripping his fist tightly, his right eye only getting slightly watery, but hid his emotions as that was what Mr. Locki wanted.

“…Where are they attacking next?”
Ozkar replied.

“Oh, thought you would want to know that, as you lacked the knowledge to know where they were attacking last time, wanted to know which parent of yours screamed the loudest?”
Mr. Locki grinned with sharp, jaggered teeth.

“No games…where are they attacking?”
Ozkar’s voice began raising.

“It’s possibly anyway boy, maybe it’s Summerhold, perhaps it’s Ironport, even here…surely not Bell Village, the sound of your sisters screams were pleasant enough from that town!”
Mr. Locki began giggling.

Ozkar punched Mr Locki down onto the floor, bruising his skin a dark purple.

“Ozkar, restraint!”
The Commissioner yelled.

“He is up here!”
A guard yelled from downstairs.

“Any minute now!”
The Commissioner anxiously tapped his feet.

“Guah, fine, fine, the area is far up high, despite the night’s fights, it still stands upright…bye love~”
Mr Locki smiled as he saw Guards arriving.

“Metal Blast!”
The Captain blasted a large ball of metal at Ozkar’s shoulder, clipping off a small piece of metal as Mr Locki picked it up.

“Shadow Eclipse!”
Ozkar blinded all the enemies and began running higher up the building.

The effect ran off shortly as they began the pursuit of the Outlaw.

“God dayu-”
The Commissioner rubbed his eyes while smiling, hoping the best for Outlaw.

Ozkar pushed through many Guards, into walls and down the stairs to slow them down, when he made it to the top he was cut off by many Captains.

The Captains yelled dropping their tea cups and sausages.

A small opening had been made on the roof by Natalee.

“Shadow Leap!”
Ozkar stomped on the ground with his left foot, forcing him through the hole and onto the top of the tower.

When they looked down the hole, a fire and acid blast both shot through.

“How do we get down of here?!”
Ozkar exclaimed.

Both of them stood there in silence, with heavy winds and a tornado approaching, while the tower was immune, they were not.

“We have you in a dead end, fail to surrender and you will face Justice!”
A Captain yelled.

“…Uah, i hate when we think the same.”
Ozkar looked at Natalee smiling in anticipation, both of them jumped off the tower and were sucked in by the tornado.

Both screamed, as fast winds swirled them around.

“Hit them!”
Guards on the floor attempted to blast them once the tornado was far enough.

Fire, Water, Earth, Sand, Glass and Metal magic all flew into the Tornado, causing the two of them to dodge each of the obstacles, after a few minutes, they were both spat out of the tornado and began falling to the ground.

Natalee landed into a tree.

Ozkar began flailing around screaming in the air.

“Water Blast!”
Natelee hit Ozkar against the tree, stopping his fall and causing him to safely land on the dirt floor.

-To Be Continued-


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