"The Silent Tower" Prologue [Action]

The Silent Tower is a prison founded by the Magic Council to capture and contain hostiles all over the world of Magius, but with so many powerful and determined people to put an end to the Council, it is a hotspot for many assaults and attacks put against it.

On a gloomy day on shore of a bizarre and cold island, criminals consisting of Humans and Dark Wizards were being shipped off to the Silent Tower, where they would spent the rest of their days at, some of the more powerful Dark Wizards were restraint with magic-canceling shackles and would often to rendered unconscious to avoid their manipulation.

“We got them all?”
A Magic Council Captain, Bernard spoke to the Scouts who were finishing directing the last few inmates onto a ship.

“Yes, but we’ll need to return for the remaining one hundred.”
A scout named Edward replied, rubbing his hand on the back of his hair.

“That’s alright, we’ll be back in no time, keep the prisoners in check and they are kill on sight if they pose a threat against everyone in the area.”
Bernard replied.

“Sir, we got three more, they can’t wait here any longer, their cuffs can only contain them for so long.”
Another Scout followed by four others, held the three of them in magic cuffs.

“Are they part of the Malevolence?”
The Captain turned to the Scouts.

They nodded to the Captain while he punched one of them in the stomach.

“We put down a lot of your little faction…i wonder how disappointed Talvin would be.”
Bernard spoke.

“Put them on the ship!”
He instructed of the Scouts.

They were all put inside the ship, with magic cuffs and bags over there head, they sat there for a while as Scouts kept a close eye on all of them. After a few more hours, Bernard went into the lower deck to interrogate them.

“I’ve came up with a great negotiation, with the approval of the Magic Council, we will spare you execution if you give up the location of your leader, Talvin.”
Bernard slowly walked up to them.

“You can decline the offer if you would like, it’s much more certain that another will take up the offer and live their lifespans maximum.”
Bernard kneeled down and stared at the three of them.

“If you were smart men, you’d give up his whereabouts for the exchange of yourself, there is no need to continue-”
Bernard would be cut off as one of them spoke.

“You think they would care of death, when the Magic Council stole it away from us, a stronger man is one that has nothing left to lose and i can assure you…we all do.”
The one in the middle spoke.

Bernard slowly removed the sack to reveal that the prisoner was in fact the leader, Talvin.

“Amazing how easily blinded the Council is, always assuming one with the most intimidation is the Leader of a particular faction.”
Talvin spoke, his jaw and entire mouth had been augmented with a metal piece, aided by magic to help communication with three diagonal scars that were on the right side of his face, he was very well built and bulky.

“You seem like a very threatening guy.”
Bernard laughed off.

“For the majority. Fear is only gained by the power of one in a situation, as of right now, you don’t need to be afraid.”
Talvin grinned, the metal jaw staying in place while only the upper half of his mouth curling into a smile.

“As of right now?”
Bernard questioned.

“Sir, the magic cuffs, they’re-”
A Scout, who studied the criminal heavily, had no magical properties…and he was dangerously strong.

Talvin, pulled his arms apart, breaking the cuffs.

“Ember Blast!”
A Scout shot a fire blast while one of them ran up to him with a knife.

Talvin would evade the Scouts attack, grabbing his arm before breaking it, causing him to drop the knife and threw him in the fire blast, severely burning and incapacitating the Scout.

He then caught the knife and threw it at the other Scout, stabbing deep into his throat, causing him to suffocate.

Talvin broke one of the other associates cuffs and suddenly, he’d be held up into the air with telekinesis.

“That was a fair attempt…”
Bernard grinned while slowly levitating Talvin towards him.

“Quick to assume?”
Talvin looked at him with narrowed eyebrows.

“Metal Beam!”
The uncuffed associate impaled the Captain with a metal pillar, pinning him against the wall.

Bernard groaned in pain as he held onto the pillar, trying to release it from his body.

Talvin broke out of the spell and fell down onto the floor, the muscular built of his body causing the floor to shake and approached the immobilized Captain.

“Y- you cannot win this, the Council is only trying to help save and make the wor- world a better place…Hrugh!”
He tried persuading him to change his ways.

“My faction looked past the Councils great promises, wishful thinking we all had for them, but do not worry, we will better repair the world, free of the bounds and restrictions they put on us, we’ll decide for ourselves for a chance, ruled by action and not words…it’s too bad you won’t be able to see it.”
Talvin grabbed onto the metal pillar and pushed it deeper into the Captain’s wound.

The Captain gasped for air as his eyes slowly shifted and his body then laid motionless, blood dripping down the pillar.

The associate broke the other cuffs off the other and the free of them walked past the cells many were held in.

“Please, give me another chance!”
One of the inmates held their hands out at Talvin asking for freedom.

He only angrily held onto his wrists and twisted them, breaking the bone before continuing to head to the main deck of the ship, the sounds of the inmates screams slowly fading away.

The moment they step foot out, a dozen Scouts holding muskets and holding their hands out ready to blast the three of them.

“You’re outnumbered, surrender! Resist to cooperate and you will be terminated!”
A Scout spoke.

“And so it begins…”
Talvin looked over to his left to see his own crew and ship approaching them.

A distant yelling could be heard on the other ship as a cannonball crashed through the Magic Council’s sails.

Talvin and the two others ran to the Scouts, killing each one, Talvin, breaking their necks, strangling them to death or breaking their skulls with full-heavy punches, the other two associates blasting them with various magic spells as well as their own ship slowly destroying the enemy.

After a long lengthy battle, The Malevolence came out on top with the remaining Scouts on the floor with their hands in the air.

Talvin and the others exited the ship and aboard to their own with the praise and worship of the crew.

“They beg for their lives, do we spare them?”
The Quartermaster spoke.

“They beg for mercy…we begged for the same and we never received that, break them.”
Talvin order the crew to blast the ship into pieces.

Screams of the Magic Scouts and the prisoners onboard wailed into the grey, cloudy skies as they’d all drown into the deep, dark waters.

“Any other orders?”
The Quartermaster followed up with another question.

“The destruction of the Silent Tower, we must leave a bigger message to the world.”
Talvin equipped his warm fur-coat and went into the Captain’s room as he sat down and enjoyed the cup of tea as his faction of tyrants continued sailing towards their next destination.

-To Be Continued-

(As of now, yes, i am currently working on two stories right now, i’ll be creating this story while attempting to revamp “Fractured Timeline” to better fit the world of Arcane.)


This will be a one-off series with only a single season as of now, if it performs well enough, a sequel is possible.

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