The Solstice Commission Service is now open to the public!

Welcome, my name is Loretell and I am the Trade Captain of Solstice, one of the three Legions in Suncry. For a while, I have been looking for ways to be able to keep my division active while making it profitable for everyone. After a long time of planning and discussion with both the previous Trade Captain (Thundrobin), and my Trade Lieutenant (LeoTheAbsoluteLegend). We have agreed that the best way to be able to solve this problem is through you, the community.

This commission service that will be linked below will allow you to request items and my Traders will go out and gather these items for you in return for a reward. When you go to the SCS please be sure to read all the rules and look at the Q&A before making a commission. Please leave all of the hate that you have for Suncry in the guild section and game discussion, as this is meant for business and business only.

With that I hope you all have a wonderful day.


Masterless Starglitter

Primogems now

I wasted all of it on Hu Tao dyou want my Starglitter instead

Nah thanks need wishes for venti reroll

:pensive: mfw i wanted zhongli but venti’s really good too
time to be poor

Ye time to take a credit.

Imagine not solstice

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