The Spaghetti Market

IGN: Moms_Spaghetti22

NOTE: Did not know of the shop section when creating this post and cannot delete this one, will update that version instead of this one should any changes occur!


2x axe slash
1x sturdy
2x Luring
1x Bursting
3x Nimble
1x magnetic

Armour / Accessories
1x Cobalt Ravenna Apostle Faulds
1x Purple Ravenna Apostle Bracelets
1X Ravenna Apostle Guards
1x Cernyx’s Faulds
2x intensity amulet fair
2x attack speed amulet fair

1x Vindicator
1x Triasta of Bronze

Insta accept: Any sunken
MLF: Enchant scrolls (strong & hard) and Calvin sets
NLF: Carina drops
Offers are Welcome!

do you want this to become a permanent shop like in #marketplace:shops ?
seeing the name i think it would make more sense as a shop but thats up to you

Ah, didn’t see that part. Well, yea I might go do that

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