The Story of a Legend. Chapter 2

Hey, here’s another chapter. The previous chapter was called Alternate universe Arcane Adventures story, and now it has a new name. I’m still unsure if ill continue to write this story so… yeah… Also there will probably be some mistakes, because I’m not that good of a writer, but anyways hope you enjoy.

Chapter 2
A new beginning

After Aster and Theos introduced and talked about themselves, Theos asked “what are you going to do next? You have no memories other than your name, and you know nothing about the 7 seas.”

“Any job recommendations” Aster asked jokingly, though Theos answered seriously with, “you should become a wizard.” “Huh, why?” Aster responded curiously, was there something special about him?

Theos explained. “From what I can tell, you have extremely vast potential in magic, you could become someone very powerful if you train hard enough.” “Me? I can use magic just like you and that crazy guy?” “Yes” Theos said calmly, and after a brief pause… “ALL RIGHT!!” Aster exclaimed excitedly “I could make a hhuuggeee fireball! or… Uhhhh… What types of magics are there?”

Theos chuckled, then explained that there was Fire magic, which could create blazing attacks out of thin air, and explode them upon contact. Then there was Lightning magic which could create and conduct electricity through the air and momentarily paralyze living things. Wind magic came next, he said that it could manipulate the forces of wind and move large objects with it. After that was Water magic, which could conjure water then control it, which can be used for heavy blasts or drowning. Next was earth magic, which could create solid earth substances, mainly large rocks and then be used to devastate their foes. Finally, there was Light and Shadow magic which each respectively controlling the power of light and dark energies.

“Sooo… what magic do I have!?” Aster asked regaining his excitement. Theos took a moment to study the magic energy surrounding Aster, though all he could tell was that it was a mutation, and an extremely powerful one at that.

“Aster…” Theos began. “You seem to have a very special type of magic, it’s what we call a mutation. It’s when your magic goes through a change and grows in some way. Mutations usually happen through extreme conditions, like near death experiences or extreme emotions, but when they do happen your magic usually gets much stronger. You must have mutated your magic while you were in the storm.”

“Thats awesome… Is there any way to figure out what my Mutation is?” Aster questioned Theos. “Try to focus and think about using the energy in your body then pushing it outwards in a short-controlled burst. Imagine how its shaped, how it moves, and how much force is put into it. Though before that, I would suggest that we go to a more open space” Theos stated. They then went to the beach and Aster begun visualizing his magic.

“So, you think about the energy and how it forms and moves…” Aster closed his eyes and focused. After a few seconds passed, he opened them again and a small shockwave occurred underneath his feet, sending sand flying away from him, though there was also a faint black magic circle that manifested itself near his heart.

An almost invisible black mist began moving quickly along his body, eventually engulfing him, then disappearing in a quick burst. “Good” Theos chimed in from a small distance away. "Now. Let’s test how well you can control it.”

Before Aster could respond, a small orange fireball came whirling towards him. Just in time he manifested his magic, sending the black mist along his body, and within a split second, he twisted backward and dodged. Aster stunned, tried to figure out how he dodged it, he thought that it would definitely hit him.

Theos asked after a long pause… “Aster what did you feel when you dodged?” Aster replied immediately, “It felt like I was much stronger, and faster, that was so awesome!!”

Theos thought for a short time before explaining. “It seems like your magic increases your strength and reaction speeds. It may also be the cause of your regeneration abilities that you used while fighting that wizard earlier.”

Theos then asked Aster "How about we call it a day and rest, it’s almost night and you’ll need energy for tomorrow.” “Sure,” Aster replied, and they both went back to their camp, eventually sleeping under the slowly setting sun.

The next day

Aster suddenly woke up and looked around, Theos was gone. He thought to himself, “Did he leave? No, he wouldn’t do that, maybe he’s still here, and I just need to look for him?”

As he ventured out from the forest, the blinding light of the sun shined down, and the hot sand spread underneath his feet. Aster looked up to the sky, taking a brief moment to relax, he began thinking what would have happened had Theos not been there that day when he was attacked by the fire wizard. He soon got back to looking to Theos, pushing yesterday’s attack to the back of his mind.

After a few minutes of searching, Aster found Theos gazing to the deep blue sea. “Hey Theos” Aster said cheerfully, now knowing that he didn’t leave. “Hello” Theos responded.

After a long silence, Aster asked “Theos are you leaving?” Theos looked from the sea, to Aster, then back to the sea. He then let out a sigh and explained, “Yes, I will be leaving, there is something I must attend to. I wish you luck with your travels, and if you wish to be a wizard, I’d suggest you go to Savaria. There are a few bandits there that are causing trouble, but you should be able to take care of them easily.”

“Oh, also while your there, you should continue to work on controlling your magic and gain more combat experience, it’ll aid you in the future.” “Ok I will” said Aster determined. But then he realized that he had no idea where Savaria was, and he had no way to get there. Theos thinking the same thing chimed in with. “Also don’t worry about getting to Savaria. I’ll fly you there.”

Aster stared at Theos and said, “you can fly… WAIT YOU CAN FLY!!” “yep” Theos replied smiling back at Aster, finding it funny that he was so surprised.

“Anyways, we should head to Savaria while the sun is still up, or we might confuse the people when they see a giant flaming bird in the night sky flying to their island” Theos explained, and Aster thought to himself, “what about when they see a giant flaming bird flying to their island right in the middle of the day?” “Well off we go” Theos blurted, before quickly taking off.

As they took off Aster looked at the ground, which was getting farther and farther away, eventually turning the island into a small speck. “See you later island” Aster mumbled. And off they went to Savaria.