The subreddit is for sale πŸ’€

Bruh :fr:

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Goodbye subreddit that was literally dead for months on end… also forgot it existed…:skull_and_crossbones::pray:

you can sell subreddits?

You aren’t supposed to but most of the time you can just evade by just saying that your are β€œpassing down” the subreddit or something like that idk I only used reddit like twice :person_shrugging:

There was a subreddit?

Lich asked the price and the base is 10 USD :skull:

Might buy it

According to him there’s 5 other bidders gl

nevermind :poggers2:

its worth giving a shot because what if the winner is a supreme fatass which makes the rules rlly stupid

lmao why there will probably only be like 2-3 people active at a time, at most during a good day

i’d pay good money to ruin the aspirations of all the other people wanting it


we are trying to band together :moyai:

we are trying to merge a sum you should look into it more if you join us to buy it

Didn’t even know a subreddit existed :skull: