The Sunken Sword

i fell in love with the new sword; it looks awesome! ~~definitely not going to grind for hours straight for it :frcryin: ~~


Looks amazing! Wowchers

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thank you child :nod:

I’m 76 years old :sleeper:

:frsleepin: :fr: :frhigh:

the 1/2000 chance is gonna be a killer, good luck
not sure if vetex changed the planned rates but 0.05% is the last i remember

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im lucky that school has ended this week so i get to grind for hours :sleeper:

your design is cooler than what I did for sure’

probably should of designed the gem more accurate but at that point I just tried to make it as sea-based as possible


naw that looks cool! yours looks more like a water sword than mine

World Of warcraft moon swords.

I gotta admit, this is probably my favourite design for the blade. Good job!

thank you!!!