The Tragedy of Top Rated

Yu know, my favorite types of games on Roblox were either those with a single gimic to them I would play for abit before dropping, or beautiful things I could interact with. From meme games to shit that doesn’t even look like Roblox anymore, I loved these games. And you know what’s better? Top rated use to always show these types of amazing games. These fun memorable, yet stupid experiences were so nice and were the most “Roblox” things imaginable to my mind. Key word, used to. Then, like everything good in this world, the bots striked. Flooded top rated with shitty games. And it’s still an issue. It’s so sad really, seeing I can’t experience those as well anymore.

here you go.

massively underrated game that I’m 90% sure you didn’t know existed until reading this.

and here’s another game you might know about but is still very underrated.


I’ll check out PWNED

I actually liked checking every cheap tycoon in the popular section before but now it never changes and the games in it… They aren’t necessarily bad but it’s either grindfest that you need to dedicate your whole life to stay up to date, simulators and other stuff between that

Honestly I like cheap copy pasted tycoons a lot more than actually fleshed out stuff like miner haven or retail tycoon

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Personally I never go on top rated, I’m only ever finding games on popular (where I scroll down for 2 minutes then slowly scroll up to see what’s out there) or on the featured category. Featured actually used to have a lot of more smaller games that were gaining some traction but now it’s more or less filled with whatever as far as I can tell. It’s a shame what’s become of my favorite category for finding new games on Roblox.

I suppose, I do enjoy mindless games sometimes, but there is a point where the real deal is just, well, better

Got any more? Not really what I was thinking here, but these are so good that I wonder if you got more. Reminds me of other games from memory, like Swordburst.

lemme see.

just play this XDDDDD

Bet you didn’t see this coming.
While this game is definitely not underrated right now, it is the most unique tycoon style game on roblox that I know of, which is receiving regular updates.

Very fun sci-fi shooter.
Be prepared to die alot until you get the mechanics on hold.
Especially considering how small the game’s community is right now.

Open world PvE card game thing.
Very fun.
Major downside is that unless you’re max level, people won’t want you in their party.
This is mostly because anything below max level basically says you just started the game since max level takes no time at all to get.

I’m sure you’ve heard of it at some point.

Game is very in beta. This was supposed to be a murder mystery stealth/action game.
Its mostly just an action game.

Very unique and fun but don’t play it too long or you’ll very suddenly find yourself hating it.
Don’t know why, its a common thing with this game, you’ll go from loving it to hating it in moments.

I’m a good 99% sure you know what this is.
If you don’t know, play it.

I’m 100% sure that you know what this is.
However did you know that there’s daily challenges now?

Its been a while, this hasn’t received updates in a while, and its community is very very small.
Bring an alt or two for getting rep for different clans or for treating them like save files.

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I remember the days where I used to play both Vampire Hunters and VH2 and now there’s a VH3. I’m starting to feel old now even though I’m only 15

and here’s one that is very very grindy and in terms of mechanics would be looked down upon today for said grind.
However, if you’re a classic roblox player this will cause a nostalgia trip.
The very first game in my entire favorites list:

Only really putting this here since the dev that made it fairly recently gave it a visual overhaul.


Woah, these are some nice games I could play, seem high quality too. I was looking for silver but found gold.

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you’re welcome, this is basically all of the hidden gems (some of which aren’t really that hidden) that I know of right now.

Very nice class based dungeon crawler game that’s been remade from the ground up with permission from the original developers.

It doesn’t look much better than it used to, but it has more content.

holy shit how did I forget about this one

The game’s grindy and a fair bit buggy, don’t get me wrong.
However, this thing makes up for every bit of that in sheer uniqueness and design.

I can near guarantee that after a while of playing this, you’ll forget that you’re on roblox.

A beautifully made passion project that makes its self very clear in not really wanting your money.
For instance, buying enough gold to skip straight to the end game costs well over $100, which to me, is a nice way of saying “we’d rather you not skip the entire game for money”.

Despite the game currently running on 2 years without an update, it still has a consistent playerbase.
Probably because people know another update is coming soon™

Roblox’s business decisions are a tragedy in of itself


here are some smallish games that i used to enjoy

I’ll probably add a few games here when I’m on pc
And ofc gonna play these holy hell