The uhhhhhh ummm uhhhh uhhhhhh INtroduction yes hello

Hi. Im Scott. You can call me that or Cerulean. I used to have a lightning, water and wind file a while ago but I deleted them all 5 months ago. Im kinda starting from scratch now but one of my friends still plays this game because hes a nerd so I think he will give me a meta set again.

I used to play world of magic on the pvp side and I sucked ass lmao, this time Im gonna try and get back into pvp and actually be good. Maybe I will join a guild some day idk.

I don’t really play much roblox, I just played a couple fps games and stuff but I dont get on them much because its pretty toxic. Even this community is better somehow lol

And no I will not leave while I can

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nonononononono pls i get it welcome to our club welcome to our club pls no pls

you cant be a forum member without your ancient initiation

ok :frpensive:

while Im here I have a question, whats the best bow enchant? swift or strong? for joke bleed synergy

strong imo

Welcome to the forums!!! Have a special, definitely not been shared before, digital cookie!

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swift gives speed right? and strong is just damage, every weapon’s damage is shit either way and you arent even using bows for the damage so swift is the obvious answer, but i see how people think strong is better

thanks for the png of a cookie that has definitely not been shared before!

It depends if the strong damage is enough to give bleed

@ThatOneGuy someone needs to be cleansed.

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