The "Ultimate" Questions

  1. Why is there three of these topics besides this, with each one hurting my brain more with the title?
  2. What is considered an “ultimate question”? The best or final question? Questions made by yours truly? If it’s the former, we have had three ultimate questions by the same guy.

Well they are questions that have no real purpose but are supposedly superior to other questions

The Ultimate Question is:
What is conciseness?


When his mind breaks, sadly


People are masochists.

Ult question

When someone will date me? Im so pathetic and useless that probably never…

You aren’t pathetic and useless. Your use is being the leader of the mage gang.


MAGE > Pure builds > Savant > eww…hybi-Bleehhhh

Mage is a pure build and savant is technically a hybrid build.

Also: every other build > savant

Mages are above pure, pure are hybrids
Savant is above hybrids.
Mage > Pure > Savant > Hybrid

ive seen a lot more people whining and crying and punching the air about ezia compared to ezia doing the thing people are sobbing and weeping about

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yeah I guess you’re right

They’re questions that are extremely serious and will be the decider of the world’s balance
There are three that become more and more serious
Source: Me

only thing wrong with this statement is that savants should be on the lowest bottom

actually suck ass

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Savants are good for new players, or players that are trying to experience the PvE aspect of the game, because you wouldn’t be missing out much from what other classes have to offer. Sucks ass for PvP of course

I personally don’t like savant because it uses all 3(or 4 if you count spirit weapons) but they can’t be synergized in any way.

Yeah unless the tutorial explains stat builds all the new players will go savant because they will think that everybody is supposed to have balanced stats.

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i’m one of those guys who always used the split stat routes in games until it was so bad that it’s unviable, but this time around i’m not even giving it a shot. all stat routes are supposed to be okay, even the questionable ones like warden, so yeah it maybe decent?? but i don’t think it’s worth, it’s not too hard for new people to choose 1 or 2 but regardless i think a lot of people will go savant

ultimate question!!!
will i ever be satisfied with my life
will i ever feel happiness and not sadness and stress
is this world really worth living in to the end

If you find something you enjoy.

If you create happiness and focus on the good things.

If you do something that makes it worth it.

savants have experience in everything, just not enough to be good at anything