The Unbeatable Sock

sock seriously what the fuck

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that was 30 seconds ago

Give up banana, I’ve had this conversation with Sock before.

i’m concerned for their health

you know it’s serious when realisticbanana is concerned for you

sorry, i was checking discord

S O R R Y ?

that’s crazy

Here we go…

i usually get it within 5 seconds


have you not seen my setup?

yeah split monitor

what does your setup look like again?

i can always see it (unless i full screen something)

why was i notified of the edit despite never engaging with this thread

Trust me there’s no use trying to beat Sock. He’s like Wotan the Conqueror; you can’t get a full victory, only hope to catch him off guard. I accepted that truth a year ago

Once or twice I have gotten ahead, but victory is short lived and hard won

Correction: *She’s

Sock may be unbeatable, but I am definitely beatable :nod: