The Updated AO and Vetex Iceberg

hop on garbage

WHY rl 34?

Updated the “Super Noob Adventures” entry because the creator apparently decided to continue it.


Found something really weird on the forums and decided to add it to this iceberg. If anybody knows anything more about that image, please let me know!

99% sure its faked (read the thread solution)

Fake or not, I still think it deserves an entry on the iceberg.

Burezu is such a throwback :older_man:

Added one new entry concerning a recently-departed user of the forums.

Remember, it’s your duty to post that Spongebob clip whenever somebody new joins the forums!

“you shall be welcomed in his honor”


Is clan-related stuff belonging here? If so, then we got a floodgate because there is so much bullshit we could add, like that super old news report made by an unhinged racist. Also please add Wax.

I can’t really add anything to the iceberg if you don’t give any links or further context…

The bodies they’re all dead