The Updated AO and Vetex Iceberg

Before AO’s release, I made an Iceberg about Vetex, but it’s been a while since that, so I decided to update it!

It may be lacking a few specific entries, but there’s a lot, a total of 140+ entries encapsulating everything related to Vetex and his games, but mostly about Arcane Odyssey. If I missed anything obvious, please, PLEASE let me know!

I’m sure you’ll learn at least one new piece of knowledge through this, no matter how familiar you are with Vetex.


Hmm, very nice.

absolutely scrumptious

@ThatAsianInTheCorner :nod:

First of all, all of the context for entries found on the iceberg can actually be seen by hovering your cursor over each entry.
Second of all, I exclusively cover AO Forum icebergs, this is a Vetex iceberg, and as such, i don’t even know half of the stuff on here.


lmao where’s my entry

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oh didn’t notice that sorry

the corner is too hidden


I knew about the everything here Vetex-related except the porch fall incident or idk what it is twitter is blocked on school computers I’ll check when I get home.

Awesome, thanks for including my topic in the iceberg!

Thanks so much for this, I’ve updated the entry now!

  1. Torren isnt, and never was even canon
    the Darkflame Curse obv exist, but not Torren
  2. thats an end portal you uncultured swine
  3. Eleven Unknown was also never canon, it was just a concept/idea that lots of people mistook as canon and went with that
  4. should have attached the post where Vetex said boobs in his entry
    gotta let the new players know what our Lord and Savior is like

Done, I edited the iceberg and added a new entry about Vetex’s boobs post.


i was joking about that

but since you added it you should totally add this :nod:

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I still think it deserved to be added anyway.

I’m surprised that I even knew of the Icewolf statue but thats mainly because people have mentioned it on the forums/discord before although I recognise most of these

And a few of these.

Some of these are quite random though

screams of horror intensify

If it’s related to Vetex, it goes on the iceberg, no matter how stupid.

Anyway, I just added another entry to the iceberg’s final layer…though this one isn’t fun.

why is andrew hussy dead from car crash.

you should add me becoming a mod supervisor in 2024

Huh, wonder what it is-