The Wild West is finally out of early access!

I remember playing this game during the egg hunt and was astonished by its quality. Now it is free to play and better than ever. Here are some screenshots:

Here are some screenshots:

The desert:

The view from one of the bandit outposts:

One of the wonderful mechanics of this game;
the ability to kill your own horses:

This game is a part of a very special genre called:
Thicc, almost naked man who enjoys killing innocents, robbing banks, and smashing his axe into the head of his own horses (#stopanimalabusetoday).
AKA open world rpg set in the wild west.

This is one of the best games on Roblox in my opinion, and you should definitely check it out. (WoM is still a better open world game, though).
Here is the game link:

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Very nice, I loved the game when I started playing it. Stopped after I got all the weapons I wanted and top tier horse. My favorite place to be was the snowy mountain castle.

What I didn’t like? Better gunners shooting me :frowning:

I remember sniping people from the cliff to people at bronze city, and got a high as hell bounty and managed to survive attacks for 10 minutes before i took a sniper shot to the head. It was fun tho but unfortunately you cant get to that spot anymore :pensive:

i definitely loved playing it a year ago, i think i played it around April or earlier but it was a really fun game. for once i actually loved being on the bad team (outlaw) lol

Lets snipe cowboys together when we can and start a massacre :handshake:

They added a ferry :fearful:

That’s so cool

Whoa, the desert looks better than the horses-

I someone doesn’t host a mini steel ball run on this then I WILL do absolutely nothing have a good day thanks for the game link seems fun I will play.

i don’t understand…what are you say-

It’s the stroke man all in the stroke

…you seem to be having a stroke.

I just remember watching a video where a YouTuber suicide bombed players with dynamite.

Bruh i actually do that too LOL

finnaly,the free game is free(good game tho)

Yes, indeed. They made it free after the Easter event. However, I hadn’t played it yet on my current main account, so I decided to play it again now.

(btw one of the best ways to get money is to hunt alligators, buy tier 5 pick and go to one of the secret caves full of gold and farm. Easy 10k money.)

thanks for the tip