The wonders of numbers. Build "150/90"


What stat builds do you know in AO?

  • Pure builds (Mage, Warior, Warden, Berserk)- +60% of stat points in one route
  • Hybrids builds (Conjurer, Warlock, Paladin etc.)- from 40% to 60% points in 2 routes
  • Mixed (Savant) - 15% or more in all stats

Very well. And what’s cap level in AO along side with amount of stat points we will be able to earn?

  • Level: 120
  • Stat Points: 240

Perfect, and now, answer me one question - To which category goes following build. Tell me without using calulator!

  • Pure
  • Hybrid
  • Mixed

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You answered? Good, cause im going to tell you anyway. It is…



Before i tell you about this build quick history lesson. First mentioner of this build was Abdul in october of 22th, all the way back in 2021.
Yet, for me personaly, populizer of this build was @Yona. Once he brought it in Vetcord general while i was online, and i got HOOKED, like REALLY REALLY HOOKED! At first, Yona prohibited me from making any post about this build cause he, qoute: “I dont want a new meta ;-;”.

But what makes this build so unique?

A lot actually. First of all. 150/90 is a pure build because 90/240 gives us 0.375% (0.38%), and second of all, those 90 points unlocks alot of cool stuff for us:

Following those 2 images, we can understand some interesting stuff.

150/90 build is perfect non-hybrid hybrid build. Lets for example take Magic/Weapons combination:

150 points in magic give us acces to all base spells, and 90 points im weapons are enough to unlock 3 weapon skills(On release we will have ONLY 3 weapon skills)
(10 =40=> 50 | 50 =40=> 90)

No, of course you can do 150 Vitality, 90 magic or any combination of these:

  • 150 Magic ,90 Weapons
  • 150 Magic ,90 Fight Styles
  • 150 Magic ,90 Vitality
  • 150 Weapons ,90 Vitality
  • 150 Weapons ,90 Fighting Styles
  • 150 Weapons ,90 Magic
  • 150 Fighting Styles ,90 Magic
  • 150 Fighting Styles ,90 Vitality
  • 150 Fighting Styles ,90 Weapons
  • 150 Vitality ,90 Magic
  • 150 Vitality ,90 Weapons
  • 150 Vitality ,90 Fighting Style

But 150 Magic, 90 Weapons is still seems like the best option so far, because we get benefits from both routes without any major downsides(Not having ult is not that big of downside tbh.)


Such unique build should have its own name i think. How should we name it?

  • 150/90
  • Yona Build
  • “I dont like any of these versions”

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You get the skills of 2 builds, but I feel like it’ll be lacking the other benefits of a hybrid or more focused pure build


Add six points to 90 and we get a hybrid

i think it should be called a 5:3 build, since that’s the actual ratio of it and it’ll help with putting stats when the level increases


This is really insightful

150/240 = 0.625 (62.5%)
its pure

its 150/90

150 out of 240 possible


It’s supposed to be pure.

technically it’s 150:90
edit: nvm, googled it, both work

okay then

id rather get 1 less skill in a particular build with hybrid benefits than have all of them without hybrid benefits


Yeah, while I can’t say for sure, I have to say this “150/90” build is going nowhere but the unoptimal stat range

Do you not realize that this build will be useless at level 120 for weapons?
U unlock both skills for poor quality weapons but that’s level 1-50, average quality weapons, aka level 50-100 need 50x2 more points into weapons to unlock each skill, level 100-??? ??? quality 100x2 more points etc., Summed up u unlock no skills for weapons at all so it’s useless, actually I can’t think of a more useless point spending than this jeez

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I see 150/90 as pre-awakening build. And we get our first awakening on level 120.

but then it’s not actually a 150/90 build is it?


Like, there is a reson hybrid builds get a dmg buff with thier awakenings. It is so they dont fall behind on dmg from pure builds. A minimum pure build will loose the full scale effect of the dmg buff but also not get the hybrid awakening buff


Can we name it the shit build for how bad it will be in the meta?

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