The world …is about to witness a great era of metamancing!

this is not the perfect build btw, just a random one I found


this build is deadly if you add a little size to it as a wind conjurer

I’ve seen worse.



how could this be…?

if your spiraling fury sends you to red wake then I don’t think that matters lol

No speed? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

sorry Kid… everyone knows you need at least bare minimum 300 atkspd for a good build

Thats 275 attack speed and 90 agility right there. all your moves are hit scan and since spiraling fury can scale off speed and agility it can fling you extremely far

Daggers are boring jumping is badass.

dagger glitch into mirrored river goes higher than normal jump :smiling_imp:

yeah the meta is 100ish agility, a shit ton of attack speed (it’s exponential and OP), so you’re set

bad defence, get more drawback

do u rlly need that much speed lol chill on it a little


@seafoam u never have enough speed


me when i get the power to attack really fast but i am partially insane and self harm

the whole idea was to punish people dumb mistakes